Blue-aholic/Blue and White: Final Sneak Peek

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  Frankly, I am a bit exhausted, but at least my Blue and White quilt is completed and sent off!  I am not sure you can see clearly from the picture that I had quilted spine-less feathers on the blocks.  I am still fine-tuning the technique.  Of course, I will share my 2 cents on the technique when I am more comfortable with it.

I am going to chill this weekend.  Chilling for me means doing non-quilt-related things: cleaning, baking, finishing up an overdue dress of Miss Baby, reading and hopefully some needlework!  Now, curious and nosy mind wants to know what’s on your plate this weekend.  Stay safe – see you again Monday!


25 thoughts on “Blue-aholic/Blue and White: Final Sneak Peek

  1. Chilling=CLEANING?!! Feel free to come chill at MY house any time you like… ;-)

    As for me, I’m hoping that I’ll be all caught up on laundry, cleaning, groceries, end-of-year teacher gifts etc. so that I can chill out in my sewing room and make some major headway on my drunkard’s path quilt. I wish I was sewing…

  2. All looks really great, yes take a break and sew something that you let unfinished, heavens I found a Moose I had folded up just waiting for me to come and get it, yes I will finish it, while I hear of your “blue Quit”, but I do love this moose, he is great big guy and so are the deer and the forestry around him, take care Hugs and Cheers xoxo

  3. I need to sweet and dust too, but at the top of my list is making my monthly wet cat food to freeze, and gathering everything I need to start my new job on Monday. Not to mention try to get used to going to bed at a decent time and getting up earlier since I am going from a 2nd shift to a 1st shift job. Busy busy busy. (AND PRAYING to work on my new leaf quilt) HA!

    Your blue quilt looks good, so far. ;)

  4. You are busy. Seems like you just mentioned you were working on this beautiful quilt, sharing insights on the fabric. It looks lovely, although the photo leaves me wanting more. I look forward to seeing more, as you are able to share. Beautiful quilt, yummy quilting. …..but what is the overall design may cause me to not be able to sleep until I learn more. Love it!


  5. Love the blues!! For us it’s recital weekend…I should say week. In studio rehearsal yesterday, tech rehearsal tonight on stage, dress rehearsal tomorrow night, and 2 shows on Saturday! Makes for a long week. Oh, and I found out tonight that I missed a costume and have to do the alterations and take it back tomorrow night! Yikes!

  6. Wendy this one is going to be one of your best I can see it now. I know just the person who will want to hang it by her blue dishes. Have fun chilling this weekend. Your friend Bobbi Bradford

  7. Wow – I just love that feather effect! I’ll look forward to your comments on how you do that. And of course, blue and white – what’s not to love?!?! We’ll be quiet this weekend I think. Hubby’s been home all week and he’s been working very hard in the yard and cleaning up his “Honey Do” list, so I think he’ll just want to take it easy. I’ll sew as much as possible! Life as usual :*)

  8. Gosh know I’m sure you don’t sleep much, you’re so fast. I’m glad you get to rest this weekend, we have family coming to visit that we haven’t seen for a long time.

  9. My weekend will probably mean lots of naps. Then laundry and more laundry. But what I really want to do is work in my studio. It got trashed 2 years ago when I broke my New Year’s resolution “to not start a new project until my current project is all stashed away and the room is clean”. I kept up with that resolution for 8 months, until my dad got sick and I was needed 800 miles away to care for mom during that time. Came home with many treasures and they are still sitting in the same spot that I put them in 2 years ago. Yikes!
    BTW…love the spineless feathers. Will look forward to that Tute.

  10. I just finished a memory quilt for a friend. I am ready to just chill out this weekend and catch up on my reading.

  11. This looks to be another beauty. I love the spineless feathers and looking forward to the technique. For the weekend…I’m hoping to just get some time to sew something! I don’t even care what!

  12. That quilt is breath taking! Hope your weekend is good too! I have a huge pile of firewood to put in so might start on that. Good exercise right?!

  13. Very pretty, and it looks so nice with your dishes.

    I think I’ll have just an ordinary weekend — laundry, grocery store, catching up on housecleaning, etc.

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