The versatile shower curtain rod rings

I posted this picture a few months ago when Miss Baby and I were traveling in the Far East:

Fast forward a few months…

You see, Miss Baby has a rather limited stash of “worldly possessions” (i.e. toys).  In the Ivory Spring household, Miss Baby is encouraged to come up with her own toys with the ones she already has or household items.  When she saw the extra set of curtain rod rings we have, she immediately associated the rings with the bracelets worn by a cartoon characters.  So, I guess these curtain rod rings are officially on loan to Miss Baby, indefinitely. ;)

I would love to hear about any “make-do-toy” stories you might have!


17 thoughts on “The versatile shower curtain rod rings

  1. Well, I remember playing with the small leftover pieces from a hardwood floor installation, myself…for HOURS.

    When our kids were growing up…they didn’t “make-do” so much but we did have one hard & fast rule – the animals were to be fed before ANYone ate, went out or watched TV. Even on snow days, when there was no school, we had to shovel a path to the animals then make sure everyone was all snug & fed/watered. Seems to have taught them responsibility, b/c now, they’re pretty good, compassionate young adults!

  2. Those are great toys and very inexpensive, too. Growing up my father would bring home scraps of wood from his jobs (carpenter). We built roads, houses and all kinds of things from those scraps.

  3. How sweet those “bracelets” are! I love how creative kids can be. You know the story, give a child a gift in a big box, and they will play for hours—with the box!

  4. Very cute. When I raised my nephew, his favorite make-do toys was an old vacumm cleaner and an old toaster. Neither of which worked, but at 4 years of age he was able to get them to work. I recall he’d drag them around every place, including when we toured a new home subdivision looking at the models. For your cute little one, how about big button jewelery?

    But, what ever she chooses, I’m sure you are going to have fun watching her grow up. What a delight!



  5. I’ll bet Miss Baby would love to create her own clothespin dolls using the old fashioned wood ones, using scraps from your quilting projects to make their wardrobes and leftover embroidery floss for hair, etc. etc. With a blunt crewel needle, there’s no telling how many bracelets she could make with watercolored macaroni noodles, buttons, etc.! Have fun Miss Baby! Your mama’s got the right idea, creative play rather than watching someone else have all the fun on tv or video games!

  6. I see her little hands becoming more mature. My kids loved pots and pans and wooden spoons. We are still in Paris will be home tomorrow.

  7. I think kids have way too much these days…leaves nothing for the imagination and it looks like your little one is not lacking in that department.

  8. that using her imagination. One time when my boys were little I brought home a big refrigerator box and they made a submarine out of it. They played with that thing all summer. My daughter also loved boxes. I got her a big one and she colored the inside like a little house. Can’t go wrong with big boxes for playtime.

  9. When we were kids we didn’t have a lot of toys. My brothers would draw roads and stuff in the dirt and then twist bread ties into motorcycles and run around the roads. My sisters and I would make houses out of stones and sticks and decorate the neighborhoods.

  10. OH how fun and great to see and watch all that she is doing, she is going to grow up with a lot of ideas and fun things are going to come so easy, gee can’t wait to see what she is thinking, MANY fun things I just know,,take care angeljeanne (jeanne) xox

  11. One year my students at school were playing with sticks in the dirt under the trees. They would draw, dig, and pull grass. I asked them what they were doing and they said, “Designing ant houses.”

    Baby’s fingers look like a piano player fingers.

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