Cottage Chic Christmas: Sneak Peeks

Hello Friends, I hope you are having a lovely day.  I finished quilting Cottage Chic Christmas last week.  Due to my tight schedule this month, for the first time, I had someone else piece my quilt top.  My Cottage Chic Christmas quilt top was pieced by Sherry McConnell (vice-president of Quilter’s Hall of Fame).  I quilted it with free-handed floral motif to add to the fabrics that just scream Cottage Chic!

The quilt is made with RJR‘s Lansdowne Road fabrics, another winning collection by Robyn Pandolph.  So, tell me…. Robyn Pandolph, or no Robyn Pandolph for you?

23 thoughts on “Cottage Chic Christmas: Sneak Peeks

  1. Very nice! Love the quilting. Have always liked Robyn’s fabric. Met her way back when she was designing for Moda. Had made a sweatshirt jacket and an over the shoulder bag/pack from some of her earlier fabrics.

  2. Have begun to see glimpses of some of the new Christmas fabrics and they are gorgeous as is this combo. The tan/neutral adds so much to the depth of the design. And, of course, your quilting is simply breathtaking (so ‘clean’ and perfect for the theme!). Next to mastering the individual quilting stitch pattern, my challenge seems to be…..placing the all over pattern evenly on the quilt (especially when the thread used matches TOO well!!!!!!

  3. Pretty? Absolutely. Cottage Chic? Absolutely. Lovely quilting? Absolutely, and spectacular, when you know it’s all freehand. But Christmas? Aside from being red & green, *nothing* about this says Christmas to me…but I do like it! :)

  4. You do such lovely quilting! Such a light and happy design. I’m not typically a romantic, flowery fabric person, but there are times when nothing else fits, and Robyn Pandolph does romantic flowery fabrics better than anyone else!

  5. I normally really like Robyn Pandolph. I got some tangerine fabric that was not exactly in my comfort zone. That is my only bad experience with her fabrics.

  6. I love the Fabric and the Entire quilt–it is beautiful and I bet it is going to be one of my favorites. Have a good week.

  7. Your quilt is lovely! So warm and homey! The quilting is wonderful as always. Love the colors and fabrics. I find I most at home with beautiful, more traditional flower prints, so Robyn Pandolph is perfect for me!

  8. Lovely. I really like that quilting design! A soon to be “Thread talk” hint hint! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I so loved that design, the flowers with the fill in spirals. Do not know what i would do without the things you so graciously share, Wendy! Thanks.

  9. I, too, love Robyn Pandolph fabrics. She does florals so well. And her color schemes are wonderful collections.
    Will be interesting to see the quilt “full on”.

  10. Oh, I can’t be rude and say I don’t like it. But my favorite fabrics are modern ones in clear, bright colors. Love some of the new retros too. Aren’t we glad designers design for all tastes?

  11. I love Robyn Pandolph! Shame she closed up her studio in Galveston, just after I got there. One of the first quilts I made was with a line of her fabric.

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