Hannah Wallis Miller Mosaic Quilt, DAR

Hello Friends,

Life has been full and absolutely exciting these last couple of days.  One of the highlights was being able to physically see and touch some of the quilts that are not displayed to the public at the Daughters of American Revolution Museum (DAR).  I will tell you more about it in later post(s).  But for now, I shall leave you with a picture of the Hannah Wallis Miller Mosaic Quilt, with sweet sweet thoughts for my “Hexies” quilting friends!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I have got to run – bank, grocery store, post office etc — you know how that goes, don’t you?


11 thoughts on “Hannah Wallis Miller Mosaic Quilt, DAR

  1. Exquisite! And so “today” colors. Have a ton of hexies ready to do some paper piecing this summer out on the porch swing……..love summer! Hugs and blessings……D

  2. Its a beautiful quilt, I just imagine the amt of hours to make it. I really interested in learning more about the quilt and Hannah so I did a search. There are some mighty facts about her family, won’t say what if you want to do a little searching. I love Early American history! Just put her name in the search bar and like under Chester County Quilitng. I was surprised to see that Wynham Fabric has replicated some the fabrics she used in her quilt. So this is an important piece of work for them to do that!

  3. Amazing!!! Looking forward to seeing more from the museum. I have finished a hexagon quilt, and have another hexagon quilt top waiting to be quilted, so I always love to see this pattern…thank you :) Happy crafting, Jenny

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