A most amazing button art!

I came across this perusing news sites a few days ago.  I thought to myself, “WOW – the embroidery!”

But on closer inspection as shown in the following image, the glistening “embroidery” is actually lots and lots of buttons.  Simply amazing, isn’t it? It has taken a team of talented seamstresses four months to sew on half a million golden buttons using 31 miles of thread.  What an absolutely smart idea to use buttons instead of embroidery when the banner will be exposed to water environment when it’s going to hang from the stern of the Royal Barge.  Click here to read the article in full.

In an age where simplicity is often encouraged, my heart sings when I see works of art that exude intricacy and the WOW factor!   Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a wonderful day.
[Photo Credits: Daily Mail, UK]

17 thoughts on “A most amazing button art!

  1. I can’t Imagine doing all that work. I just sewed 4 little pieces together and had to go take a break……………giggle.

  2. OH that is BLOODY Beautiful and such an honor to see what a work of Art I love it, thank You for showing this to all of us, oh the Queen would be so happy to see this also, oh MY take care HUGS and Cheers Jeanne (angeljeanne) xox

  3. Fascinating! What amazes me is how they manage to get such crisp detail from a distance, especially with the lettering and the animals. Thanks for sharing this, Wendy!

  4. Wow! Do you want to try having a design using buttons? At the end of the stitching and sewing, you might fall in love with them!

  5. im trying to do something like this but i dont know what i should use to hold the buttons down could you please tell me what you did, thanks

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