Braided Blessings: Final Sneak Peeks

Hello Friends, I finished my Braided Blessings quilt!  I actually really enjoyed making the nine-patches this time around.  Perhaps it’s because I have matured in my quilting outlook on things – I tend to enjoy each process better.  Now, do you see the braids starting to “form”?

A quick sneak peek on the quilted quilt for you.  You will notice that the Jester’s Hat motif is used again – this time it’s all over the quilt center, and not just the border.  I found that I had to do quite a bit of start-and-stop to decide where to go next when I was quilting the quilt — I think that’s because I was using a domestic machine where visibility is always an issue.  But over all, the effect is great after quilting was completed.

That’s all for now, dear Friends!  We have a full day today — it’s library day for us in addition to a mother/daughter party with other moms/kids!  Have a blessed day now.

11 thoughts on “Braided Blessings: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. A beautiful quilt! That leaf patterned fabric is so cool and restful. I am quite taken by that quilting pattern. Just finished quilting a lap quilt last week (a pattern I call ‘loopy lollipops’) that had me doing the same thing….stopping quite frequently to see the next direction (I use a Juki DSM). Can’t wait to see the ‘big picture’!! Have a great day! Another beautiful, perfect day here (although the rain situation is so lacking!). Hugs, D

  2. What kind of thread do you use…what weight? How do you get that size of a quilt through your DSM to quilt it? It’s lovely. Thanks,

  3. Beautifully done, I love to quilt myself, I am on a mission right now. “Fighting For The NF Cause Lap Quilts” (Neurofibromatosis Disorder). These quilts will be going to the children and adults who are in the hospital dealing with their disorder, while they are away from home. I want them to feel that other’s out there are praying for them and hopefully these quilts will take their minds off of what their dealing with, at least for a minute or so.
    I love your quilts, they are absolutely gorgeous.
    “FIghting For The NF Cause”

  4. Loved the combination of colors and patterns but the quilt after the quilting is just amazing. I can’t believe how a certain stitch design can that much difference. I’m finishing up a Disney Princesses quilt for my seven yr Gd, wish I was good enough at FM to do.

  5. Looks beautiful Wendy! I recently finished quilting a batik quilt and it was the first time I had trouble knowing where I was going on my 15-91 Singer.

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