My favorite time of year…

… is right about now!  I love that the weather is warmer but not blazing hot, and that everything is still fresh with the sense of renewal.  I took this photo when Miss Baby and I were out and about at the playground yesterday.  Those fresh shades of greens make my heart sing!

A “soon to start” quilt with LOTS of green is on the horizon — stay tuned for details!  I have GOT to fly as I need to get a quilt top pieced and ready to quilt by tonight.  I am a bit behind schedule this week as Miss Baby and I have been out a lot this week.  So now, I need to play catch up.  Tootles!  Have a great day!

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9 thoughts on “My favorite time of year…

  1. Mine too! I find myself taking endless photos of these fresh greens, millions of leaf buds on trees…I even think sometimes that birds are singing more brilliantly in early mornings when these greens are glistening! :)

  2. Just mentioning yesterday to some friends as we were out and about, that this time of year is the absolute BEST…..bursting with fresh untold promises yet to be fulfilled! Truly does ‘energize’ a body. For our “down under” friends, quite the opposite is possibly occurring! Happy ‘catch-up’!!…..

  3. Oh me too Wendy, it’s warm but not suffocating, and I LOVE the light this time of year – like golden honey – but fresh, and all the fresh green around really lifts my spirits. Can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

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