Sausalito New York Beauties: Sneak Peek #2

Good morning, dear Friends.  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  We did have a blessed time at church, but we postponed our Mother’s Day outing because Mom (i.e. yours truly) had to finish up a quilt going to Quilt Market later this week!   Here is another sneak peek on my New York Beauties:

Okay, so I was a little dense.  I didn’t put two and two together.  I hadn’t known that the reason this block is called New York Beauty is because the points of the block look like the crown of Statue of Liberty. Did you know that?  I am sure most of you did.

The month of May might prove to be  my most stressful month this year due to a few more deadlines between now and the end of the month.  While I will still update my blog, I might not respond to you as often as I have been.  If I am silent on the personal front, please know that I am simply busy trying to meet those deadlines.   It’s back to work I go!  Later.


19 thoughts on “Sausalito New York Beauties: Sneak Peek #2

  1. New York beauty is one of my favorite quilts. I made one years ago. Close to my heart as we lived there for 15 years and loved it ther. Great city.
    Hug Bunny

  2. Love this quilt. It really is a beauty and something I have always wanted to try. Good luck with you deadlines and keep us posted when you can

  3. I did not know that about the name New York Beauty. Your quilt is beautiful. Amazing how quickly you’ve gotten it done. It would probably take me years.

  4. I kept wondering what NY Beauty was symbolizing.. I love it, and now I see it clearlly. beautiful pattern and color!

  5. Well…now that you mention it I can totally see the points inspired by the crown. The rest of May is busy around here, too. Hang in there!

  6. I love the Quilt as well as the name looks fantastic, I will wait to hear more for form you soon I am sure as to what else is to happen with the above stitching, take care Hugs Jeanne (angeljeanne)

  7. I hadn’t known that, but it makes sense. I hadn’t even heard of quilt blocks called New York Beauties until you posted about them earlier.

    Hope you have a great week and productive times of work on your quilts.

  8. Oh, how fabulous! Love the fabrics you’ve used in your New York Beauties! I’ve been hand piecing some NYB blocks and am absolutely in love with them.

  9. This is gorgeous–I love the fabric and OH! THE COLORS!! just beautiful. We finished the house and NOW –maybe we can rest some. I just finished a pair of drapes for the bedroom so maybe after I rest up for awhile I can get down to quilting. We are holding up on painting the foyer and halls until maybe the fall. Otherwise we are Done. Praise God! From whom all blessings flow.


  10. That’s one of my favourite quilt blocks and yours sure is a beauty. The pattern is an old one sometimes known as crown of thorns too.

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