Birth Sampler: Part 7

Good “Mother’s Day” Morning to you, Friends!  I want to wish you a blessed and happy Mother’s Day!  I thought it apt to post a few progress pictures of the Birth Sampler I am stitching to commemorate Miss Baby’s birth.

Yeah, I am still ever so slowly chugging along  with this one:

This is the latest completed Quaker motif:

I want to express appreciation to you for your friendship.  Many of you have blessed me in special ways.  I feel blessed!  I hope you are pampered today! Later!



14 thoughts on “Birth Sampler: Part 7

  1. Happy Mother’s Day To You!! what beautiful and tiny work….I don’t know how you get it all done ……. have a great day, Hugs,

  2. Happy Mothers day to you have a wonderful day with the sewing you are doing, looks wonderful, Cheers Jeanne xox

  3. Happy Mothers Day! I want to thank you for your friendship. You are such an inspiration!!
    I truly look forward to reading you blog daily.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day back at ya! I hope it was grand! You are so gracious in sharing your many talents for the betterment of us all! Most of all, thank you for opening your heart and embracing all those who share your passion for this art that is called quilting. As always, Blessings and hugs sent your way, D

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