Modern Country: Sneak Peek #1

It’s crunch time again at my end, Friends!  I have lots of those, don’t I (for those who have been coming here for a while)?  Anyway, here is a sample of the fabrics I am currently playing with…

And here is a sneak peek:

Curious mind wants to know if you use much of any solids in your quilt.  Pray tell.

I will be scarce for the next few days.  I will most probably not answer your emails until the weekend — just so you know that I am not ignoring you!  Have a great day!


13 thoughts on “Modern Country: Sneak Peek #1

  1. Love that color palette! Can’t say I’ve used solids to the extent of a whole quilt being 100% solids…..would be a perfect ‘canvas’ for some awesome quilting, though! Some day there is going to be an avalanche of finished project pictures for us to ooh & ahh over!!!! Waiting patiently(?), Hugs, Doreen

  2. Funny you should ask about solids! I never buy solid fabrics — I’m always smitten by prints and that’s what I pile up on the cutting table and bring home. However, since I became a Pinterest-a-holic, I notice that the quilts made by others that continually catch my eye tend to have at least one predominant solid colored fabric, whether it’s traditional Dresden plates against a white background, or maybe an updated take on tradition with a washed-out gray in place of the white. It really makes the bright colored prints pop, and I plan to try some solid fabrics in my next quilt.

    Love your black birdie applique, by the way.

  3. I do enjoy quilting with solids. My only experience with solids on solids is Hawaiian quilting. I tend to use solids for portions of my quilts. I find they work well in backgrounds, applique/silhouette and particularly well for space in a quilt that you want to use to show off beautiful FMQ.

    And, my eye is always drawn to quilts that integrated solids in the quilt design.


  4. I love all those colors, but very seldom use actual solids. As soon as I saw those samples I thought – landscape…roosters…trees…barns…is that too expected.

  5. I rarely use solids — partly, I think — because they can seem blah, and partly because tone-on-tone is more forgiving…. and I generally need the forgiveness! I also love texture which true solids don’t generally provide. … That’s not to say I wouldn’t love a perfect solid quilt :0)

  6. Ohhh can’t wait to see the finished quilt. I rarely use only solids in a quilt but have just finished a small wall hanging with only solids (actually given to me by a guild member).

  7. I usually only use solids for setting blocks, background but this looks like it will be interesting. Can’t wait to the full quilt.

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