GIVEAWAY!!! What’s the Buzz? in QUILTS AND MORE (Summer 2012)

What’s the Buzz?  The buzz is I have a first in Quilts and More magazine this year!  My “What’s the Buzz?” quilt is featured in their latest (Summer 2012) issue!  Needless to say, I am beyond excited!

This quilt is made with some really playfully cheerful fabrics from Debra Grogan‘s Garden Frolic collection, released by RJR Fabrics.

All the pieced blocks are constructed the same way, with applique added to some…

Quilting was kept simple: random swirls on the blocks, and a quick floral motif on the border.  You guessed it — Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton over Hobbs Tuscany Silk!  Applique was machine fusible.  I used Warm Company‘s Steam-A-Seam 2 fusible.

Fat Quarter Shop is carrying the kit for this quilt.

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MAGAZINE GIVEAWAYThe staff at Quilts and More graciously gave me extra copies to give as giveaway prizes.  Leave a comment between now and 5/3 and answer any of the following questions.  I will pick 2 winners:

1.  Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits?

2.  Have you read Quilts and More magazines?

3.  What is one quilting technique you would like learn or master?

Speaking of giveaway, this week has been a week of giveaways on Ivory Spring.  Have you checked out this giveaway, and this?

Thanks for stopping by, Friends!  I wish you lovely weekend.  I will see you on Monday.  Take care!

101 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!!! What’s the Buzz? in QUILTS AND MORE (Summer 2012)

  1. I love to do feathers but don’t feel I have mastered the technique yet and so that is my favorite thing that I need to practice :)

  2. 1. Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits? No, I always like to make quilts on my own.

    2. Have you read Quilts and More magazines? No, In germany it is difficult to get english magazines.

    3. What is one quilting technique you would like learn or master?

    I like to lern free motion quilting. So I appreciate the series: Thread Talk. I like always rearl practical tips and practicable simple quilting pattern.

  3. 1. I like to create my own quilts so almost never use a pattern, although I adapt the ones I see in magazines. I have never bought a kit.
    2. I sometimes pick up Quilts and More at the grocery store if the cover attracts me in some way or if I’m looking to make a particular project.
    3. I would like to get better at free motion quilting. Practice helps!

  4. What a wonderful quilt, the colors, the design…love it. You are right, this is a week of your giveaways and fun ones at that!!! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Wendy!! I’m just lovin those little birdies, with their wings in such a happy position! Did you draw them your ownself? Sigh…yet another talent of yours I envy. I believe you must have gotten my share of the artistry gene pool!! Sigh. Kind of you to let us admire it!!

    Quilt kits? hah. I bought a whole tote box full of ’em at an estate sale – patterns, fabric & even some templates…..a YEAR ago. You know what they say about good intentions….have I made even one yet? ha. no. Not even STARTED one!

    Read the Quilts and More magazine? Sorry, never even heard of it till today! Between sewing & life, sorry to say, I don’t have much time for mags anymore…

    Technique – well, obviously, free motion quilting…but since I don’t practice, I really don’t see that getting much better anytime soon. Word on the street has it that it just doesn’t happen by reading about it. sigh.

    Thanks for sharing all your projects with us!!!!! ‘scuse me while I go get a napkin to wipe away the drool!

  6. I just bought the new Quilts and More Magazine yesterday. Whats the buzz is what attracted me to it although I was looking for it anyway because I get it everytime it comes out. My granddaughter calls my husband her huney. So needless to say anything with bees I pick up for her. I love making quilts from kits, it keeps me from having to take the time to search for the fabrics and they are usually the same fabrics from the sample. Believe it or not I would really love to learn meandering. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it I don’t know why. Anyway thanks for sharing your talents with us and thanks for such a wonderful blog. Blessings

  7. 1. Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits? I have only made 1 quilt from a kit. All others I have just picked the fabrics and made.

    2. Have you read Quilts and More magazines? No

    3. What is one quilting technique you would like learn or master?

    I would like to learn free motion quilting. So I appreciate the series: Thread Talk. I always like practical tips and a simple quilting pattern.

  8. I love to use kits it is easier than trying to pick out colors that go together. I haven’t read Quilts and more for awhile but will be after seeing your quilt. I would like to learn more on getting my flying geese to come out better

  9. i don’t make quilts from kits or patterns, i design my own…i do read quilts and more…great read for ideas and to see what is shaking in the quilt world….i do want to master trapunto…

  10. I do not particularly like quilt kits. Their is not always enough fabric to finish the quilt. If you do not do the kit right away , you can not find the right fabric. I would like to master feather machine quilting or be a better machine quilter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. What a pretty cheerful quilt.
    1I have not made a quilt from a kit yet.
    2I have seen the magazine in the store but have not purchased one that I can remember.
    3 I would like to improve my machine quilting much more.
    I have really been enjoying your blog.

  12. I bought a number of quilt kits years ago. Made one and was not happy at all after struggling with the pattern so I haven’t touched the rest. I’d love a chance to have a look at a Quilts and More magazine. Love your quilt!

  13. I’ve never used a kit yet, but it’s something I would like to do. I haven’t seen this magazine before so would love a chance to win one. Thanks

  14. I’ve made quilts from kits and have purchased Quilts and More magazine (almost bought it yesterday, but now I’ll wait to see who the lucky winner is – lol) And I’m working on the technique of FMQ! Thanks for sharing, Wendy and Quilts and More!

  15. I’d like to learn appliqué. I’d also like to get more proficient at feathers–yours are so graceful and beautiful! I have purchased a couple kits, but feel like I’m cheating instead of choosing my own fabrics. I haven’t seen this magazine, but now I’ll look for it and your lovely work!

  16. Your quilt is cute.
    I have never used a kit but have thought about it.
    I don’t believe I have read this magazine.
    I would like to master 1/4 inch seams.

  17. Congratulations, Wendy. That is awesome. I am not familiar with the magazine, but I like the idea of “and more”. I have purchased quilt kits in the past, but I tend to try to do quilts with the fabrics I already have. The one technique I would like to perfect is needle turn applique.

  18. I haven’t made many projects from a kit. Will purchase the kit then use that fabric for another project!! Go figure!
    Some issues of “Quilts & More” find their way to my magazine stash! I am finding I purchase more magazines lately just to keep up with all the quilts of yours, Wendy, that are being featured……..awesome!
    I detect a common thread (sorry!-) here with the FMQ theme!!!! I do attribute this to the fact that quilters like you and Leah Day are dispelling the myth that a longarm is necessary to quilt a quilt!!! We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for all you do in encouraging us to “go for it” and enjoy! Hugs, Doreen

  19. Wow, Wendy — I LOVE this quilt! I’ve never seen one that combines pieced blocks with applique this way. Your little appliqued flowers are heavenly!

    I have never used a kit before, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t consider it. I’m not familiar with Quilts and More magazine, but now I’m curious and will keep an eye out for it when I’m out shopping.

    And, as you know, the Big Thing I need to learn to do passably well (forget mastery — I’m just aiming to end the embarrassment here!) is free motion quilting. I’m signed up for a class on May 18th, but I’m not going to just sulk around the sewing room between now and then. Yesterday I cut out a bunch of 18″ x 18″ squares of batting scraps and the ugliest fabrics I own (Bob the Builder, This Means You!) and I’m planning to put some practice time in this afternoon. BSR 1, BSR 2, and the old fashioned darning foot. I refuse to give up!!

    Congratulations on another beautiful published quilt!

  20. Hi Wendy!
    I have not ever used a kit, nor have I ever read this particular magazine. I am trying to become more proficient with my free motion quilting, although at some point I would like to try my hand at some machine applique. Thanks for yet another great giveaway opportunity!

  21. I have used kits before especially for my grandkids–quick and easy ones.for children. I have never read the quilting magazine –not real sure I have seen this one in the small town that we have lived in –Now in New Mexico I will need to check this out if I am not a winner. The other thing that I have never tried is paper piecing and of course if my free motion in feathering would be more like yours-then I would be satisfied. Even if I don’t win the giveaway u opened my eyes to a new magazine. Blessings for the weekend.

  22. I liked making quilts from kits when I first started quilting because I was afraid of picking out my own fabric but now I pick my own. It is fun now and not stressful.
    I have bought and read several of those magazines. It depends on what is in them before I buy one.
    One thing I am trying to master is machine quilting. I really want to be better but just don’t have much time to practice like I should.
    Congratulations! on your quilt being in the magazine. You are a popular girl.

  23. I’ve never made a quilt from a kit, but I’d certainly be willing to try. One of the hardest things for me is choosing the fabric, so having that already done for me would be wonderful.

    I’m hoping to learn/master machine applique. I can muddle through with hand applique, but I worry about durability, especially with quilts that will be used and washed a lot. I feel like I’d be more confident about my quilts if they were machine appliqued, but I’ll be darned if I can do anything other than a straight line on my machine.

  24. Love the applique on this quilt.
    I have done a kit, but usally do my own.
    I have purchawed this magazine
    I am new to machine applique’ and quilting my own quilts – new mastery.

  25. I’d love to work on my machine quilting (reg sewing machine) and I do love to work with kits. Takes the quessing out of things. Thanks so much!

  26. What a cheerful quilt, so bright and inviting. You are amazing!
    No, never made a quilt from a kit.
    Don’t think I’ve read Quilts N More, will look for it May have, love quilt mags.
    I would love to “master” machine applique, only did it once, turned out o.k.
    but not wonderful.

  27. 1. Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits?
    I’ve never tried it, but would be willing. I like to pick out my own fabrics when I follow a pattern.

    2. Have you read Quilts and More magazines?
    No. I only get the Easy Quilts from McCalls.

    3. What is one quilting technique you would like learn or master?
    I wish I was a master at applique.

  28. I do like to make quilts from kits. Sometimes your worry about having enough fabric. I do the Designer Mysteries from Fat Quarter Shop because there is always enough fabric.

  29. Wendy, love the quilt! Would a great baby quilt for those who like using the “unconventional” baby fabrics. Lots of color and print for the baby to look at look. I’m not registering for a free copy, but accident I got to two copies already!
    Have a funny story to tell. Wednesday was my day to go to town, we live 30 miles away so its somewhat of a big deal and usually a day long thing. I had several things on my list and had gotten several things done when I decided to go to Books a Million to get a magazine or two before I ate dinner and finished the one or two other things I needed. I had forgotten what magazine you had mentioned to be looking for with your newest article on applique, and thought if I can’t find it I’ll go back later to get one. So I found the two magazines I wanted, one was American Patchwork&Quilting and the other was Quilts&More(!!!). I proceeded to go for my favorite food , Lebanese hummus and grilled chicken kabobs. While eating I found your article, couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find the magazine! Had picked the just the right ones!!!
    After dinner, I decided I needed some new shoes. When I got out of the car and closed the LOCKED door, I realized I didn’t have the keys. My husband was at work and didn’t want him to have leave to bring me a key so I called my daughter and asked for help. Told her I would go through the shoe store and then walk over to the Books a Million store to wait for her.
    So I knew I was going to have at least an hour’s wait for her to go and see her Dad and get the key from him, then come to the bookstore. So I thought I’ll find another quilting magazine to look at because the other two were locked in the car! Had completely forgotten what the titles were of the first two magazines, so I looked through the magazines for my second purchase(guess what magazine I picked?). Quilts and More!
    Didn’t realize I had bought two issues of the same magazine till my daughter got there with the spare key. Talk about feeling old and senile, this takes the cake! Chris

  30. Lovely quilt. I’ve only made one quilt from a kit – my sister had purchased it & never sewed it, so she passed it on to me – I replaced some of the pieces with fabric from my stash to make it unique to me. Love Quilts & More magazine – wish they allowed subscriptions – cause trying to find it locally is a pain – maybe I’ll win. Thanks for the chance.

  31. Really cute quilt! Love the applique. I love kits and am in possession of quite a few of them, I like to pull out a kit sometimes because it takes me so long to choose fabric on my own. I read Quilts & More on a fairly regular basis, really should subscribe one of these days. And I would love to master needle turn applique.

  32. I have bought several kits and I’m working on one of them now. I have the GO! and the dies to make this adorable quilt….sooo, all I Need is to win. Love, love, love all your information and are such an inspiration to so many of us.
    Marilyn in San Antonio, TX

  33. I have ordered kits, but haven’t started them yet; I haven’t read a Quilts & More but may to pick up this one! I am currently learning to machine applique on a table runner. We shall see how that goes!

  34. Have not tried kits or read Quilts & More. Have been focusing on learning machine quilting and would like to master that technique. Thank you for your efforts to help us learn.

  35. Thanks for showing us this quilt and the possibilities. I’ve read a few issues of Quilts & More. I’d love to master the meandering swirl designs you do so beautifully. I have difficulty keeping up with where the next swirl should be headed after about the first six inches or so – difficult to keep the flow going.

  36. Congrats on your latest acheivement. Your quilts are great. I just sent your link to my quilting friend last week. I have not read this magazine ever, but I will look for it now that you are in it. I would love to be a more perfect machine quilter. I try ambitious designs, but they don’t end up looking the way I envisioned. You are (once again) an inspiration to me.

  37. I have read some issues of Quilts & More. What I’d like to master is free-motion quilting on my home sewing machine! My stitches are not very regular, in fact they are terribly wonky!

  38. Love the combination of piecing and applique. Generally prefer to pick out my own fabrics for quilts however have used occasional kits. I have read/purchased several Quilts & More mags. Still trying to master quilting larger quilts on a domestic machine. Thanks for the chance to win a copy especially since one of your quilts is featured.

  39. Yes, I sometimes like to make quilts from kits when I am short on time, but I normally like to make them on my own.

    Yes, I read Quilts & More all the time and especially love the pincushion patterns they seem to have in every issue. I am a collector of pincushions.

    I would love to master free hand feathers on the longarm.

  40. Your quilt is gorgeous. Congratulations!!

    I have never bought a quilt kit. I like to pick my own fabrics to make the patterns.

    I have many copies of Quilts and More magazine. I love it. I’ve used many of the patterns found in these magazines.

    I love to learn techniques on simple ways to make complex blocks. You know there have been a lot of tricks discovered over the years to make blocks easier to make. I love learning those.

  41. 1. Yes if the colors are what I really like!
    2. Yes have a several copies.
    3. I want to learn how to quilt feathers!

  42. Love the quilt and fabrics! So springy with the bees and birds.

    l’ve never used a quilt kit .. and not sure l would either since l like to have extra fabric for pillows or pillow cases.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  43. I’ve never used a kit and I’ve never read this magazine but it looks interesting and I would like to learn paper piecing…..the quilts I’ve seen using this technique are so impressive. Thanks for chance to win!

  44. I have never used a kit nor have I read this magazine. I love your designs so would love a chance to win the magazine


  45. wow, your quilt is lovely. Congrats on being published.
    1. I have never used a kit before, some day I would like to try it
    2. Yes I have read Quilts And More
    3. Someday I would like to learn to free motion on my sewing machine.

  46. 1. Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits? Occasionally I find one that I like but I generally like to pick my own fabrics.

    2. Have you read Quilts and More magazines? As a matter of fact, I just bought one not long ago. Haven’t made anything from it yet but it has some good possibilities.

    3. What is one quilting technique you would like learn or master? I want to master the free motion quilting on a home machine.

    I have to tell you, I love your blog and your work is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing so much of what you do with us.

  47. I would like to learn to machine quilt on my domestic machine and have it look like yours. Great blog, by the way. I just love your quilts and light hearted talk.

  48. You are so dependable! Another great design and more fabulous quilting. Kits? Never, never, never! It’s way more fun to pick fabrics for myself to create something unique rather than sew together something someone else has selected for me. I’ve never read Quilts and More magazine. If you pick my name, please pass my win along to someone else.




  52. Congrats on having your design published! How exciting!

    1. Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits? No, I like to choose my own fabrics.

    2. Have you read Quilts and More magazines? No, I’ve never heard of it, but it looks like one that I should check out.

    3. What is one quilting technique you would like learn or master? Only one? I’d like to master focusing on only one thing at a time…does that count? I’d like to learn more artsy things, such as using paint sticks on fabric.

  53. I have used precut kits, some have worked very well, some not so well. I am not a very creative person, although I love to make quilts. It is easier for me to buy fabric already paired up, color coordinated if you will. I shop pretty much in four online stores for fabric and am fortunate that all of these folks have a good eye and are so willing to help me out.with choices of fabric and I have never been disappointed. I am not color blind, just have a lack of creativity. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. As a beginning quilter my list of quilting techniques to master is pretty long. I think the one of many things I’d like to learn is applique.

  55. I would love to master free motion quilting. I should practice more and I do love it when I sit down to do it. I have read Quilts and More, the issue before the one you are offering was a great one. I’d love to receive the latest copy.

  56. I have only made one quilt from a kit and I liked having everything cut for me. The only thing I didn’t like was that anyone who bought the kit would have a quilt just like mine! I have read Quilts & More and love it! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sandy A
    PS…congrats on having a quilt in a magazine! too cool!

  57. 1 I have made a couple quilts from kits. To tell you the truth, I prefer to choose my own fabrics.
    2. I have bought Quilts and More many times. Great magazine.
    3. I would like to do Y seams.

  58. 1. Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits?
    – Recently more than usual. I had an amazing friend who just gave me a bunch of her sister’s kits when her sister passed away :(

    2. Have you read Quilts and More magazines?
    – No. I’ve never seen it before.

  59. I always like the variety in Quilts and More magazines. I buy it every time I see it on the newstand. Sometimes it’s nice to have all the fabrics selected for me in a kit…but not all the time!

  60. i have bought a few quilt kits. i usually end up substituting fabrics, or change the size and add fabrics… i always say “directions are suggestions!!!!”
    i have many quilts and more magazines. love the variety of patterns.
    i REALLY need to work on machine quilting. i can’t even write, i don’t know how i am supposed to quilt……………lol

  61. 1. Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits? I usually prefer to choose my own colors, although a few have caught my eye that I really want to make as pictured. Yours is cute!

    2. Have you read Quilts and More magazines? I pick this magazine up occasionally at Sam’s Club. It has some good designs.

    3. What is one quilting technique you would like learn or master?
    Free Motion Quilting! I’m practicing often, but still have far to go. Your quilting is outstanding!! Thanks for sharing your insights.

  62. I totally love Quilts and More magazine. My daughter and I usually find a project in each issue to make and sometimes two.

    I’m not a fan of kits. I like to choose my own colors and types of fabric to use and I have an extensive stash from which to choose.

    I’d like to learn to do raw edge applique that looks really good without the ‘frayed’ look.

    We have a lot of cardinals here at our mountain home and your ‘red’ birds fit right in!!!

  63. Hi, Wendy,
    I love, love your “buzz” (you know me and my cardinal friends). I’ve been looking for this magazine and Quick Quilts and I can’t find them anywhere. The shops here have stopped carrying magazines; same with the market and drugstore. BooHoo! So I’ll try my luck at your giveaway…

    If there’s a quilt that I really, really like (which means so do a thousand other quilters), I order a kit immediately. Mainly because it’s hard to shop for fabric on this island.

    I really need to practice your tips on FMQ.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  64. 1. Do you like to make quilts from prepared kits? I’d like to but Im really shocked at how much more expensive they are than the fabric..bit like layer cakes which Ive always refused to buy but now love

    2. Have you read Quilts and More magazines? no we dont get it here in france, shame :(

    3. What is one quilting technique you would like learn or master? frame quilting

  65. 1. I generally prefer to pick my own fabrics for a quilt, but I do buy some kits.

    2. I love quilts and more, and try to get most issues.

    3. Applique and FMQ on my DMS.

  66. 1. I have never purchased a quilt kit.
    2, Quilts and More is the magazine I purchase most frequently. I have items from their patterns, the most recent being, Pick-It Fences in the Summer 2011 issue.
    3. I would like to improve my applique and paper piecing skills.

  67. -Love Quilts and More mag! congrats on your featured quilt, and I love the buzz!
    -I enjoy quilt kits, as it takes the guess work out and I know exactly how it’s going to turn out. Someone else has spent the time to pick perfect fabrics for me… Also leaves less wasted fabric, but have to be careful to cut once without mistake.
    – I would love to master machine quilting, specifically feathers. Keep on practicing. ( It really intimidates me.)

  68. fantastic! congrats on your success being celebrated :) and ty FOR sharing with readers!
    what i’d like to learn is watercolour quilting…
    sorry, no, haven’t yet read quilts and more… by all the buzz , sounds like i need to !!

  69. I have not used a quilt kit yet. I have purchased a few block kits, but mostly I work from magazine patterns.

  70. The quilts I have made in the past have not been kits, however I have used wall hanging quilt kits to try different techniques. I haven’t come across Quilts and more magazine before, and although not a craft technique, I would loooove to learn time management when I have more than one project to finish!!! :) Congrats on having your design published :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  71. I do not like to make quilts from kits as I like to choose my own fabrics and colors. I have read quilts and more before but not on a regular basis because I don’t have any magazine subscriptions. What a great accomplishment to have a quilt published in the magazine. Congrats!

  72. I have never made a quilt from a kit, although I have one in my closet waiting to be worked on. I do like that all the colors are well coordinated, but I wonder if I make a cutting error if I will have enough fabric to complete the project.

  73. Yes, I have made several quilts using kits. I’m also making a big civil war BOM quilt and have a kit each month. I only buy the kit if I love the fabric choices or that’s the only way it is offered. I have read Quilts &More and love the magazine. I’d love to learn free motion quilting and paper piecing.

    Congratulations on being in the magazines. Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  74. Hi, I’ve never made a quilt from a kit, but I have made several from Charm Packs..kinda the same?
    I do buy Quilts and More when I find it, they they are hard to find.
    I’d like to learn more about Shiva Sticks, I have several of them, and the books, but I haven’t found a project that calls to me..Maybe I’ll figure it out on my own sometime.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. No, I don’t use kits just because I tend to purchase my own fabrics. I don’t purchase quilt magazines very ofter any more; but, Quilts and More is one of my favorites when I do buy them.

  76. Yes, I have read Quilts and More Magazine – there’s always something I’d like to try in most issues! Thanks for the giveaway.

  77. Oh, yes, I’ve purchased a quilt kit or two! Would LOVE to become more proficient at machine quilting and your tips and tutorials are so helpful. Have loved Quilts and More too. Fingers crossed!!!!

  78. I bought a kit and only have a few blocks made so far. I’m looking forward to finishing it because it’s the first quilt I’m making for myself. It’s batiks and is going to be beautiful !


  79. I’ve purchased one kit and didn’t make it — some of the fabrics had cigarette burns in them and it was a hassle with the online store that sold it. Have not yet read Quilts and More so would like to check it out. And, would like to learn machine quilting for both straight line and FMQ.

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