Another smocked wrap-around sundress for Miss Baby

I showed you Miss Baby’s Petite Flowers sundress a couple of weeks ago, and the “saga” associated with the dress!

Well, here is another one with sort of a saga story.  Like Petite Flowers, this is another one pulled out from the “still a long way off” pile that Miss Baby wore to church last Sunday.  And like Petite Flowers, this sundress is exactly the same style, just different smocking on the front.  Honestly, I don’t remember the reason for the same exact style for the dresses.

I took with my sister years ago at a supermarket’s fabric section in Southeast Asia, and learned only how to somewhat smock regular cable stitches and a bit of trellis.  And after I returned to the States, I picked this design to smock for my first real dress!  Okay, so, I have a knack of picking out tedious designs — it’s in my blood, and I can’t do anything about it!  HELP!

There are 100 bullion roses in this design.  And I duly worked on all of them over the course of many many months!  Although I am thoroughly thrilled with the effect of bullion roses, I do not like working on them one tiny bit.   Completing the smocking for this dress was certainly a test of endurance for me.

Now the upside of this saga is that I won a blue ribbon and was paid $6 (hahaha!) in the local county fair for best smocking or some award.  My husband teased me about all that work, and I was paid $6.  :)

Jokes aside, there is no sweeter feeling than to see Miss Baby in a dress made just for her.  Looking back, I think of the prayers offered up on Miss Baby’s behalf while I was working on the dress, and years before she was even in the picture.  I recorded some of those prayers in my prayer journal, and need to flip and see how the prayers have been answered.

That’s it for now!  I am hoping to finish my Sweet Scoop quilt later this evening – so I’d better run!


32 thoughts on “Another smocked wrap-around sundress for Miss Baby

  1. I am in awe Wendy. I have loved smocking forever, but have never tried my hand at it. I can’t imagine the time that you spent working on this, but it is such a treasure! Just beautiful.

  2. She is so precious, and her getting to wear “Mommy made with love” clothing is too sweet! Your rose trellis is beautiful smockwork, you know the $6 is about–1 cent an hour? You just cannot look at it monitarily, can you? Thank you for sharing ~

  3. I love smocked dresses and used to make them for my daughters when they were little. I have 3 grand daughters now and haven’t made even one for any of them. Would love to give it a try again. Do you remember what dress pattern you used for the wrap around sundress? I really like the style. Don’t think I will attempt the boullion roses though. Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects with us!

  4. Wendy,
    Where do you find the patterns for smocking? I made several items while in high school and loved the handwork. Might have to try again.

  5. OH! MY! That dress is the most beautiful little girl’s dress that I have seen. You should open a shop and make little girls and boys clothes for sale BUT still quilt ,too. KNOW talk about not having time to yourself that would be it. You are just so talented, you have one special little girl.

  6. I absolutely love the bullion roses. It’s so wonderful that you have the prayer journal you kept while making the dress. It will be a treasure to share with Miss Baby someday. This will definitely be a family heirloom to pass on. When my daughter was little, most of her dresses featured smocking. Hers were from the Polly Flinders company. I would love to try smocking. Maybe I should take a leap of faith and try making a smocked dress in case I am lucky enough to have a granddaughter.

  7. Oh my, that’s a lot of “smocking”, it’s beautiful. I remember when I was a young wife, smocked ginham pillowers were popular( and earier to work on,, the checks were the pattern.. You excel in everything you lay your hand to.

  8. That is just stunning! The buillion roses are amazing…so much work. Your smocking is gorgeous. It must have been such a thrill to sew for your dream little girl. She will someday love to read the prayer journal and realize what a blessing she was in your lives.

    I just love that pattern with the cute back. I doubt that it is still available, but I will have to look for it. I’d love to make some for the granddaughters.

  9. Your smocking is just too beautiful! I love the roses and having made a few myself, I know what you are talking about when you say they were an endurance lesson. Just beautiful. Your little girl is so lucky!

  10. How wonderful to know you are praying for your daughter as you sew each thread and make each stitch. You will never regret each prayer lifted up for your Miss Baby! I have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. I also pray as I sew even though I’m not a good seamstress at all. I’m learning more and more each post I read from talented ladies like yourself. Thus, I have a question. I’m not very knowledgeable about what types of thread to use when and where. What exactly did you mean in your post about using 1 type of thread OVER another type? I’ve seen that before and didn’t know what was meant. I mainly do hand quilting but am venturing into free motion quilting with my sewing machine. I do not have an embroidery machine…just a simple $200 Brother from Target! Works good for my needs at least for the time bring. Would you mind explaining or pointing me in the right direction of some places I can visit to get this information>
    Gmama Jane

  11. Wendy, you constantly leave me speechless. And my family will tell you that’s no mean feat. This is beyond amazing! A test of endurance for sure. It’s just gorgeous!!!
    And congrats on your What’s The Buzz quilt, it’s gorgeous as well!!!

  12. OH!? Did we learn these smocking stuff together? Haha! Hardly remembered how to do it though! LOL!
    Just so very pretty! Wished I’ve as much patience as you to learn it well… but, nah… I’ll just leave it to you to do such tedious work! :)

  13. Oh my goodness!! I’ve never done smocking but your beautiful handiwork makes me want to learn for the day that I have a granddaughter. The bullion roses are just exquisite. Thankyou for sharing these pictures.

  14. What beautiful work (as always), Wendy. While I read this post, and the number of hours you spent on the dress, I was worried Miss Baby may have grown out of it! In no way do I mean that as a criticism for the hours you put into them…hopefully you know me too well by now to realise that is what I meant… they are definitely dresses made with love :) I think I better quit right there… what I am typing still doesn’t sound right…lol…. !! Happy crafting, Jenny

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