Sweet Scoop: Sneak Peek #1

These fabrics are definitely calorie-free sweetness, don’t you think?  I am using them for my next project!

This is all I can show you right now what I have done with the fabrics.

Now curious mind wants to know, what kind of quilt would you make with these fabrics?  In case you want to get some of these fabrics, they are from RJR‘s Sweet Scoop Collection.

Sorry I am going to have to fly for now.  After the two rather “labor-intense” posts earlier this week, I need to get some work done! :)  Have a sweet-ilicious day, Everyone!

15 thoughts on “Sweet Scoop: Sneak Peek #1

  1. I have a niece that will be 6 very..very soon. oh my gosh ,,,,she would love…love a quilt out of this!!! love it…….

  2. Hope you have a lot of good productive hours! Thank you, I had a very deliciously sweet day. More fun on board for tomorrow! Blessings on your labor!

  3. Your new Sweet Scoop pink fabrics match my sewing room! I could just grab them right off the computer screen! My guess is you are going to make little wrapped candies all over the quilt but I am not totally sure. Can’t wait to find out.

  4. Lollipops and roses! I love your lollipop. That little ruffle on the bottom is too cute!.. Love the gummi bears and chocolate! I just love candy .

  5. Yes Looking good, yes I have to vacuum and dust too, i better I have spent too much time on my computer,,You take care, remember to come back soon so you can share what the sneaky material will look like for real,,lol have fun cleaning, talk later, hugs and Cheers angeljeanne (Jeanne) xox

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