Can anyone tell me…

…. what this is?  Is it just some kind of holly, or is it something more exotic?

Meanwhile, it’s crunch time at my end!  So, I’d better get going, but not before wishing you a Happy Monday, and Happy Week!  Till tomorrow, Friends!  I will have a couple of sneak peeks for you, I promise.

24 thoughts on “Can anyone tell me…

  1. Leaves appear to me to be of the holly family. To me the leaves are not shaped like a Mahonia. When I was in school our band sold holly wreaths at Christmas time which had leaves shaped like these. The berries were bright red which I would assume these would become red as it ages.

  2. It’s definitely a holly. Can’t be sure which exactly, there are 400 species and I don’t know each one specifically. Looks like the berries haven’t turned their finished color yet, but it’s a holly for sure.

  3. It’s known commonly here in AR and is sold in the nurseries as “Leather Leaf Holly”… (or formally known as Mahonia bealei after looking it up online). I have always thought it beautiful too.

  4. It looks like a leatherleaf mahonia or grape holly as folks round here also call them. We have several in our yard. Watch out for the really sharp thorns and sticky leaves.

  5. I have 1 of these in my garden, it’s called MAHONIA, (don’t think I’ve spelt it right ) ha, ha. Thanks for your blog, it’s great, beautiful quilting.

  6. This plant you’re asking about is a Mahonia Holly. I have two of them. Strange things aren’t they???

    Sharp thorns too! Can’t say I’m crazy about it, but it is different. The guy that landscaped our yard planted them when we built. I had never seen one before.
    They’re sure hardy and grow easily though.

    Karen in Kentucky

  7. HI, this is grown in Oregon and is there state flower. YES it is called MAHONIA, yes it looks like Holly bush but no it is not that type of Holly, it is a sturdy BUSH, Has Sharp Needles and can hurt, It is referred to as the Organ GRAPE! I would write more but I did not want to write a book,,take care HUGS and Cheers Jeanne xox

  8. This is so weird because I was at the Virginia Historical Society with a friend today and took a photo of one of these and I was wondering what it was! Thanks for the help. :)

  9. As many have already said, it is a Mahonia and is closely related to the barberry. Keep away from walkways as they can really stick.

  10. The Mahonia will bear berries even if you only have 1. I am in my late 60’s and there is one at my Mom’s house (which was formerly my grandparents’ house). It has been there all my life. Has berries every year and is the only one I have ever seen within miles of her house.

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