Smocked Wrap Around Sundress: Petite Flower (AS&E 63)

Good day, dear Friends!  Some of you had written me weeks ago and asked if I was working on an Easter dress for Miss Baby.  The answer is I had every intention to do so after our return from the trip to Asia, but I ended up working A LOT after being gone for a month.  Long story cut short, my initially planned Easter dress didn’t happen.  But…. enter Petite Flower!  Sorry I am not able to take a more crisp-er picture of the dress.  Sometimes it’s hard to take pictures of small print fabrics. Hopefully you will get a better idea what the dress looks like in the subsequent pictures.

I got a bit emotional over Easter weekend seeing Miss Baby wear Petite Flower to church.  You see, I had smocked that dress way back in 2004/2005!  The notion of children was still faraway for me then,  and I definitely didn’t expect (thought I was hoping I would) to eventually have a daughter that would wear the dress.  And yet, there she was, telling me on Easter morning “Beanniful tress, Mom” as I put the dress one her.

When Miss Baby was born, the dress was put away in the “still a long way off” pile with the other pieces of clothing that are of larger size.  When the intended Easter dress didn’t materialize this year, I suddenly realized we might have something in the “still a long way off” pile that might work — and Petite Flower fit Miss Baby perfectly!

The dress is an exact replica of Petite Flower from Australian Smocking and Embroidery Issue 63.  She was most impressed with the “tracks”  (i.e. railroad tracks) I have smocked.  I have never looked at the smocked columns as tracks, but I do have a daughter who has engineering bent!

Thinking back on the years that had gone by, I am again grateful for the encouragement I have received along my sewing journey.  Back in 2005, I had no idea how to hem a dress.  Great friend Annelle came along and did the hemming for me.

I re-dedicated myself as a mother over the weekend after realizing just how fast my little Miss Baby is growing!  I am starting a new smocked bishop for her today.  Will show you pictures when I have had some substantial work done on it.

Thanks for stopping by!  I will catch up with later – I am also starting a new quilt today.  Anyone care to come by and babysit while I work?

30 thoughts on “Smocked Wrap Around Sundress: Petite Flower (AS&E 63)

  1. what you accomplish and do just amazes me. I don’t know how you get it all done. i would love to baby sit. I only have 3 grandsons and three brothers and always prayed for a little girl in the family. it won’t happen. (sigh)

  2. I wish I lived close enough to share a few hours babysitting. I retired from teaching nursery school a few years ago and I still miss it terribly. An afternoon with a young child would be a delight for me.

  3. What a gorgeous dress, Miss Baby will have such nice memories or all the dresses you have made for her over the years.

  4. That is SO beautiful She is certainly growing quickly, and how beautiful she si too. You have certainly achieved a lot since those few years ago.

  5. What a darling dress, and how visionary of you to plan ahead like that! You’ve done an excellent job. She looks so cute in it. Hmm… now to get some quilting done, how ’bout a long nap? For Miss Baby, of course!

  6. Miss Baby is growing so fast and she’s adorable. How lucky she is to have such lovely clothes to grow into. That dress is simply beautiful!

  7. So beautiful! Time with Miss Baby would be a privilege if I only lived a little closer to your “neck of the woods”. Haven’t done smocking in years! Very relaxing to me! Many “irons in the fire” seems to be the ‘norm’ here, also–love it! Hugs, Doreen

  8. I would love to babysit and watch you sew and gain new ideas but alas I live in London I will let you have a quiet giggle at some of the projects I have done one day they are on pin craft think that is what it is called x x by the way the dress is stunning you should be so proud of yourself x

  9. What a beautiful dress and beautiful smocking! My Miss Baby is now 52 and I still remember a beautiful smocked dress we saw in a store and I wanted so much for her! But it was $25…a lot back then and on a teacher’s salary, just couldn’t afford it. I never learned to smock so she never got one. Your work is so amazing….I can’t imagine having the patience to do this! And she is such a beautiful little girl!

  10. Just beautiful! What an amazing journey you’re on! So happy to see you enjoying every step of the way! You’ll certainly have a lot of treasures to pass along someday!!

  11. That is a really wonderful piece of work, Wendy. Planned or not, it made the perfect Easter dress and the back is as attractive as the front.

    The years do go by much faster than we can imagine. Enjoy every moment now because it will be gone tomorrow.

  12. beautiful dress, love the sweet print.
    Yes, you are wise to enjoy your little one while you can, they grow and go soooo quickly!
    God bless

  13. You have created another beautiful designed smocking dress. I just love the print and your little girl is beautiful in this dress and love the hair bow,too. She is a doll all dress up for Easter. Do enjoy the little one while you can–they grow up way too fast and then you turn around and you think where did the time go?

  14. Hi Wendy…. Precious, precious dress and the smocking is soooooo pretty. Tell your Miss baby that she looks like a little Miss Princess in that dress!!!!

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  16. has been ages since i visited your blog..It was the Easter wish that i read last…and i just went thru all you missed blog post and it was awesome…Thank you so much for inspiring me with your beautiful creations…Miss Baby’s Easter dress looks pretty as always…Thank you for all the thread talks …

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