A Tale as Tall as Tree: Final Sneak Peek

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  I finished A Tale as Tall as Tree over the weekend, and here is a final peek of the quilt:

The fabrics are from RJR Fabrics‘  Silly Suggestions for Kids.  I am sharing this bit of information with you in case you want to stock up on the fabrics should they be calling your name.  I will be sharing with you later this week one of my latest featured quilts for which you can’t get the fabrics easily anymore.  I work 6 months to a year ahead with my magazine quilts, and once in a while, situations arise where the release of the featured quilts catches just the tail end of the availability of fabrics.

Okay, with all that boring stuff out of the way, tell me if you like Miss Baby’s Tiger House Shoes in the picture above. :)

Have a blessed start to your Resurrection Week!

22 thoughts on “A Tale as Tall as Tree: Final Sneak Peek

  1. The Tiger House shoes were the first thing to catch my eye and they are simply darling. Something sweet for a sweet wee one to wear. Was interesting to read you work around six month ahead of your magazine schedules. I would say that would be motivation with no excuses! Happy Easter holiday for you and yours!

  2. OH yes those slippers are the best, love them. speaking of fun things to make I am in the middle of doing a Whinny the Poo Book to read and also play with, it is a Flees material and stuffed with Polyester filled with all types of sayings and pictures, BUT I Embroidery all with in this book, it is lovely if I do say so myself. I am a Christopher Robin fan, this was one of my first books given to me before I was born, giggles so I saw this Book to Sew and grabbed it. I know it will be so fun, Yes make fun animal things for her to look at and learn about, take care Have fun with your sewing project, HUGS and Cheers Jeanne xox

  3. LOVE those slippers!!! I have a pair of Teddy Bear slippers that are my faves! I am able to buy children’s shoes/slippers (largest size) so pick up these cuties once in a while. BTW, love the quilt, too:-D Blessings and hugs, Doreen

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