Framed Monogrammed Needlework

I completed this monogrammed piece way back in late 2008.  The pattern is by Martine Leonard, a French needlework designer.   I kept a rouge monochromatic color scheme to keep the French feel of the design.

I finally broke down and got it framed.  That shows you just how much I don’t have everything together…

I chose a rustic frame to give the piece an old French farmhouse look.  I dream of having a farmhouse kitchen one of these days.

The frame lady convinced me to use museum glass, and I was so glad she did.  The glass seems much clearer.

So, if you have this framed piece, where would you display it in your house?  I am just curious.

It is off to work I go.  I am SO behind – that’s why you haven’t heard from me much.  Take care, everyone!  I hope to be able to catch up with you soon.


32 thoughts on “Framed Monogrammed Needlework

  1. ohh this is lovely. you did a great job
    my last name starts with an “S” also
    I would put it in our front room, the walls are that color also

  2. I would display it in the living room as well. It is gorgeous! I would also display it in the bedroom (my bedroom is full of old family photos so it would fit right in).

  3. Wendy,
    You have such beautiful china, is it in a cabinet? Is there a small wall space on either side? I’d place it there so I could see it whenever I reach for a cup or plate.

  4. My last name also begins with “S” I would definitely display this in my entryway above my antique marble top table and offset above my brass oil lamp with the round globe.

  5. I also would put it by the front door or entryway so everyone will see it as they come and go. Almost like our House blessing framed piece.
    Hugs Bunny

  6. Anywhere would be great. The living room as it really is a showpiece. You are so talented (and ambitious). I really admire your creativity and creations.

  7. Absolutely stunning! The frame is a wonderful compliment. I think that it could go in any room from formal to casual. I’d put where I could see it often.

  8. I do have a “farmhouse” kitchen (blue & white). That would work in my kitchen or my livingroom, whose main color is hunter green. Stunning! That glass is a ‘must’. I’m so glad you went that direction. Hugs, Doreen

  9. It’s gorgeous! Of course you could leave it framed, but I would take it out of the frame and create a quilt with it. Then you could display it on a wall or on a bed. I have quilted a couple of my old cross-stitches and they turned out lovely only they were small quilts. I can just see this one as a large one with the “French General” fabric by Moda.

  10. LOOKS lovely and yes the frame sets it off as well as the Glass in the Frame, Yes hope to talk later take care HUGS and Cheers Jeanne xox

    • Who were your parents? They deserve a trophy for a job well done. Thanks for sharing your awesome info. When I’m ever in a bad place I will give you a call. You really need to be paid way more often than you are. How many are on your team, if you do not mind me inquiring. I am just in absolute shock by what I’m seeing on your blog.

  11. Cathy, this is absolutely beautiful. It has given me an idea for a birthday gift for my Dad who will be 81 this July. He is a Leo, loves the color red, and he always appreciates any hand work I do for him.


  12. This is a great piece and would look good in any room however, I would put it somewhere were everyone must pass by…that way it is seen and appreciated.

  13. It’s beautiful! How large is the piece? I think smaller works can get lost on a big wall, and sometimes have more impact in a smaller area where they can be noticed. So I might hang this in a powder room, a small entry way, or a narrow hallway — not hidden in a bedroom where no one can see it, though!

  14. Hi Wendy….been a while since I wrote to you. Just want to say I love your monogramed redwork. You were very correct to get museum glass. It is worth the extra cost. Otherwise you would constantly get reflection on its face and wouldn’t be able to see the needlework nicely. Perfect framing. I liked the suggestion to hang it by your china cabinet. Glad to have you back home from overseas.

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