FREE PATTERN: Richard Scarry Busytown A to Z Child’s Quilt

Have you ever heard of the Busytown series by Richard Scarry?  Miss Baby absolutely adores the characters, and the hustle and bustle in Busytown.  I, the parent, am dragged often into pretend play as one of the props.

Here is another free pattern for your quilting pleasure, download-able in pdf format here.  I had designed this education quilt (one does get to learn the alphabets from the panel print) for easy construction, and as many bright and cheerful fabrics as possible were included in the design:

The fabric collection, Richard Scarry – Busytown A to Z and released by Quilting Treasures, is current.  Do a search on to see who carries the fabrics.  Alternatively, you can conveniently purchase the kit here.

Speaking of Busytown, I will be busy running errands today.  One of them would is to bring a framed needlework piece back to the shop for them to take out a couple of wood chips that were stuck under the glass.  I had picked it up on Sunday thinking I would be able to show you the piece yesterday…. :(

15 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Richard Scarry Busytown A to Z Child’s Quilt

  1. My kids loved Richard Scarry when they were younger. How neat to have a quilt of them!

    That’s frustrating about the framed piece. I just took a cross stitch piece in to be framed last week and I didn’t feel as confident with this place as I have with another place I used before, but this place is closer. It’s supposed to be done this week — I’m hoping the finished project turns out well.

  2. I use to read all the Richard Scarry books to my son when he was young. He is now in his late 20s. Wow! I didn’t know there was a line of fabric based on those books. I will look for some in anticipation of grandchildren. Thank you for the pattern and the picture of the quilt.

  3. Oh yes we love our Richard Scarry here at my house. I bought our first big book in London in 1973. What a fun pattern!

  4. This is totally adorable. With all the new fabric coming out for kids, this pattern is so adaptable and cute.

    Thanks so much

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  7. love the new pattern thank you, also love the wee dress for miss baby lovely material will look great as I can see.she will be looking so wonderful going to church and School oh my I hate to see them get older,,love them a lot now Cheers angeljeanne (jeanne) xox

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