Consistent Light: Sneak Peek #1

Remember this yummy-ness?

Here is a “scrappy” sneak peek for you! :)

This current project is along the same vein as my Rainbow Ketupat:

I get super excited when I get to work on a scrappy quilt.  There is no “wrong” color in a scrappy quilt, right?  How about you – how do you feel about scrappy quilts?


32 thoughts on “Consistent Light: Sneak Peek #1

  1. Love the scrappy! sometimes we play matchy-matchy too much, and it comes out looking like it could have been a printed “cheater” panel. This one is so fun, I love the plaid feel to your design.

  2. Wow…so perfectly folded. I guess I use my fat quarter bundles on my scrappy quilts. That kind of makes it a controlled scrappy. Love you quilt!.

  3. Love the clear tones of the color against the white. Scrappy to me means no particular order and and free–looks like a breath of fresh spring air !

  4. Beautiful. Can I have some yummy-ness? I would love to make a braid quilt out of them! I love scrap quilts and mix everything together. Your white brings a fresh twist to the batiks. Looks great.

  5. I took a break from quilting and made pine needle baskets for about 8 years. When I started quilting again, I decided to use fabrics from my stash before going out and buying new fabric. I donated some to a Hopi Indian tribe in New Mexico and then started quilting. I love scrap quilts because I like to mix colors and am always surprised when the quilt is finished.

  6. How exciting it must be to open a package and have your first look at all those fabrics. I would think it would be hard to decide on what to do with it? I know you will enjoy making something lovely for us to see!

  7. Very pretty… I think I like scrap quilts the best! But tell me, how do you get a scrappy quilt to look great without looking like a mess. Is there any “reason” to color choices… thanks

  8. How did I miss this before? When I clicked down, I gasped. I love it!!!
    This is so very pretty. What a WOW factor. I can’t wait to see the next one. Who do you have to know to get a beautiful box of batiks like that. Ohhhh, what a thrill. Lovely. Also loved the cherry blossoms in Washington. So pretty. Thanks for sharing this beauty!

  9. Sherbert colors!!! I love scrap/stash quilts. They usually reflect the personality of the quilter. I, also, like the design challenges presented when I decide to go that route. Fell in love with “Rainbow Ketupat” the moment I saw it! Hugs……

  10. Wonderful fabrics! I can see why you are so excited about this project. As for me, scraps are my way of sewing. And, you are right. It is easily to make 100 fabrics looks good than to make 5 fabrics looks good.

  11. I love scrappy quilts. The one you’re working on looks delightful. What is that line of fabrics? They are so pretty. Thanks for the pictures.

  12. Looks great, because you still have some order and a plan, even with your scraps.

    I think some scrappy quilts can go wrong, when there’s no rhythm or plan, they can look a bit like grandmas scrap basket from every project she’s ever done, just vomitted..

  13. i love scrappy quilts, they can go to anyone, plus i really liket that they turn out so pretty with rainbow colors

  14. The colors are beautifully yummy! Are you able to reveal the background fabric? It looks like the perfect fit for a quilt that I have in the planning stages. Thanks for sharing!

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