Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  Spring is definitely my favorite season of the year – I love the signs of renewed growth.  No season motivates me to grow in my personal life and faith like SPRING!  I hope you like the pictures I took from our little family’s outing last weekend.

So, nosy mind would love to know what spring means to you.  Pray tell. :)


21 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Looks absolutely beautiful. Where are you exactly. Love that white building in the last picture. Spring is definitely here in the UK. Blossom starting to appear and weather very mild. I am actually in a tee shirt today (OK, I’m not outside, but still!) Winter has been very gentle this year, All the daffodils came out very early!

  2. To me spring means one season closer to summer. I’m a summer girl! :-) But spring is a good place to “start”…more so than January 1. It’s a good place to hit the “refresh” button…just like nature is doing.

  3. Spring means that winter is over. We’ve had our daffidills blooming for about 3 wks now and the tulips are half out of the ground. Buds are just starting on the maple trees. But–nature doesn’t look at the calender as we woke up to about 1″ of snow. It’s starting to warm up so most likely it will be all gone by afternoon. Crazy weather we have here in Oregon.

  4. Spring to means summer is next door (so to speak). Flowers are going to bloom, the grass is going to turn green and the day is longer. I just love Spring and Summer, I try and spend as much time as possible outside, working in the garden, reading and walking anything to stay outside. I’m torn at times as I miss sewing/quilting but that’s what rain days are for.

  5. Beautiful pictures!!! I love spring, but oh she is fickle. We have snow on the ground today and I hope my poor tulips and daffodils aren’t too unhappy.

  6. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos–absolutely fabulous–I almost feel like I was there! (Spring for me is flowering trees and bulbs) :)

  7. As soon as I saw the pictures I knew that they had to be the Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin in DC… it has been years since I saw them…they are still just as beautiful as the last time I saw themw.

  8. Oh how fabulous that you went on that little trip to see the cherry blossoms! Love it! I love everything about Spring…mostly celebrating Easter, Jesus’ Resurrection!

  9. Gorgeous pictures!! Candy said it perfectly! Maybe January 1st is a “new start” for some; but Spring is truly a “fresh” start! My favorite time of the year…..summer is just ahead! Yay!

  10. Absolutely breath taking it makes you want to start spring cleaning. I don’t know what to do first start a new quilt, sew outfits for my newest grandson spring clean or just sit and relax and enjoy sooooooo many things to do with the nice weather where does one start summer is on the way yay!

  11. Beautiful! The daffodils have been up here for a while but just this week a lot of trees have started blooming and my neighbor’s tulips are up. I love the new growth and return of color after the drabness of winter.

  12. Gorgeous tree photos! Spring is my favorite season, seeing the crabapple trees bloom, but we’re well behind you by several weeks. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather though! People in Pella, Iowa, are working feverishly to mulch thousands of tulips, to keep them from popping up before the annual Tulip Festival, May 3, 4 and 5.

  13. Although my allergies are playing havoc with my nose and eyes from all the pollen, it means getting over the winter blahs ( although we here in the south haven’t had much winter this year ) … My SAD has dissipatated and love being out side… Am also doing spring cleaning for some reason I just love… Gail

  14. Ahh, the beautiful cherry blossoms of DC. Are the tulips up yet? My grandmother lived in DC, we occasionally made the trip form Australia to visit her in the spring. it is so beautiful. She died a few years back, but I like to image she’s under a sweet cherry tree at this time of year.

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