Reader’s Project: Sunshine in my Soul

Happy Friday, Friends!  We are going to have a family exploration day.  I hope to have some pictures from our exploration for you next week.  Meanwhile, enjoy the “original” Sunshine in my Soul….

[Photo courtesy of The Quilter]

… and how Pam has used the pattern to bring sunshine and blessing to her friend!  She wrote the following:

“I sat down to plan another quilt using your “Sunshine in my Soul” pattern. This one will be pastels, but I thought I’d share the other two that I did using that design. It caught my eye right when I bought the magazine, so I made it up with “cats” for a friend’s baby born in December 2010. I liked that one so well, that I did another one for myself using some favorite fabrics. Both of the quilts are about 40 inches square and are hand quilted. As you can tell, your style and choice of fabrics are much different from mine, but I love the versatility of the design. Now that I know “who you are” and “where to find you,” I’ll look more closely for your designs and will anticipate the quilts featured in April.”

Thanks to Pam for sending the sweet notes and pictures.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

p.s.  Thanks to all of you who commented on my sticker-laden ruler post — you have helped me to look at things from different angles!

9 thoughts on “Reader’s Project: Sunshine in my Soul

  1. Wendy–what a happy quilt to bring in our early Spring! Will look for your pattern. Your quilting is so beautiful and precise. I love what Pat did–her red is striking and the cats are fun. So many quilts to make–so little time!

  2. Thank you for sharing these, Wendy! When I finish my Drunken Dragons, next up is a baby quilt for a friend using the Eric Carle “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See” fabrics in my stash. I wanted to do some kind of pieced framing around the Brown Bear fabric squares and seeing your quilt pattern with these other fabric choices has inspired me — maybe this would work with my fabrics? Is this pattern available as a download, or do I have to hunt down a back issue of the magazine where it was published?

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