Log Cabin “Something”: Final Sneak Peeks

Hello Friends, I completed my Log Cabin “Something” before the weekend.  Here are the final sneak peeks with quilting:

Some on you had written and asked what fabrics these are… they are RJR‘s Shades Apart by Thimbleberries.  They should be current right now.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Monday!!


19 thoughts on “Log Cabin “Something”: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. I am loving your quilting! (As always) Been really “hitting it hard” on my feather quilting (http://treadlemusic.wordpress.com/). I noticed that the top thread was more than one color (still very light, though) and question the color(s) you use in the bobbin. The project in the link is now completed and, though it was just a wall quilt, I am very pleased and will proceed with the large lap quilt that is ready for quilting. Choosing the quilting pattern is still a challenge. Thanks, again, for all your encouragement! Hugs, Doreen

  2. I practically swoon when I see the feathers you create. I just love them. How wide are the strips in the log cabins? Your work is so beautiful.

  3. Oh Wendy,

    Your work is so beautiful and inspiring!

    May I ask what top thread you used on your log cabin? I just finished a scrap quilt and then free motion quilted the top using a few different color threads so the threads would blend into different areas since I didn’t know how to handle situations like this. Any tips sure would be appreciated!

    Thank you so much for all the projects and info you share,

    Judy from Wisconsin

  4. Lovely! Beautiful machine work as always. I just can’t imagine having my stitching so perfect. I feel like I always tell you the same thing but your work is so perfect!

    This weather is nice but scary. The spring flowers are budding and normally when this happens, we have an ice storm that destroys everything. Hopefully, this will not happen and we will have a beautiful spring and can get our gardens out.

    Are you working on an Easter dress? I made each of my girls dresses (eons ago) Oldest daugter’s dress was out of an embroidered fabric that had yellow rosebuds and the other one had pink rosebuds. I made linen coats for them with buttons that had either a yellow or a pink rosebud on them and they looked so cute.

  5. Argh – just amazing, simply spectacular. I sure wish you could guide my hands from afar!!! Your seams are so straight and your stitching so even & flowing, it’s even more spectacular knowing you do it all freehand.

    Wishing you days filled with sunshine!

  6. Amazing! I am getting used to “picturing” feathers in any space. I love making them so dont need much of an excuse!
    Thanks one again!

  7. Love your log cabins! I just finished a Floral Log cabin with darker florals and white tone on tone for the other side. It’s being quilted now. I can’t wait to get it back.

    I fell in love with the log cabin block. It’s SO easy to piece. Did you sew the same strip on each block before going further? I found it confusing to try to finish one block and then go to the next, so quickly changed to chain piecing. It worked best for me.

    Love the teal cabin…teal is one of my favorite colors!!

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