RJR Shades Apart by Thimblebrries

More Thimblebrries for an upcoming project — this time it’s their Shades Apart collection, released by RJR!  Lookout, Thimbleberries fans out there.

My past Thimbleberries encounters have included (I am sure my encounters aren’t as many as some of you more experienced quilters’)…

1.  Around the Bend (The Quilter, June/July 2011) – Collection: Moonflower

[Photo courtesy of The Quilter]

2.  Home is where the Quilt is (Quilter’s World, December 2011) – Collection: Harvest Homecoming

3.  Floral Mosaic (The Quilter, April/May 2012 – blog post pending) – Collection: Pressed Flowers

[Photo courtesy of The Quilter]

4.  White Bird of Paradise (Publish Pending) – Collection: Pressed Flowers

Now, curious mind wants to know what Thimbleberries collection(s) you have enjoyed in the past (or present).  Thanks for popping by.  You have a nice day!

9 thoughts on “RJR Shades Apart by Thimblebrries

  1. I haven’t used a Thimbleberries print in a long time. Seems like it was Moda for a long time and now it seems like a lot of what I pick up is Maywood. For me, it seems to cycles according to my current color palette leanings. Quality fabric is the common denominator, though. The effort put forth to create a quilt, to say nothing of the $$$, demands that I purchase the best I am able so the keepsake end result “stands the test of time”. As always, your quilts and quilting (feathers especially) are gorgeous!-D

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I’ve missed your posts. I don’t have a collection of Thimbleberries but I often use pieces with other fabrics. I go more for their small scale prints that I combine with civil war type prints in my quilts. I love what you’ve done with Thimbleberries.
    Welcome back.

  3. I have always loved Thimbleberries fabrics! I just recently bought two charm pack assortments from an Etsy vendor to add to my charm stash.

    I love the new line you showed. I always regretted not buying a bundle of Lynette’s “Subtle Solids” when they came out so I will be sure to get this set this time.

  4. I adore number 4. The colours are so fresh. now I have started quilting I realise that I am OK with the patchwork bit. it’s the actual quilting that bothers me. The stitching all over really freaks me out. I have “stitched in the ditch” but hat is a bit boring. The stitching on number 4 is absolutely gorgeous. How is it done? is it by hand?

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