Hello Friends!  Long time no chat!  I am finally back from visiting my home country.  One thing I learned is that lots of stickers made a pint-sized person a happy passenger on a looong flight:

I had every intention to work on Miss Baby’s birth sampler on our flight back… only to have my embroidery scissors confiscated at the airport security at my departure point.  URGH!  I had purposely not packed a book so that I could concentrate on stitching.  I had nothing to occupy my time on one of my flights that lasted 14 hours!!  I flipped through the in-flight duty free shopping catalog five times because the I have already read the in-flight magazine and watched the interesting movies on my way over to visit my family.  It was like torture to me when my hands were idle.  All that to say, the birth sampler is back to being in limbo again…

ImageI want to thank you for your kind comments and sweet emails to me while I was gone.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t respond to everyone.  But please know that I appreciate all your sweetness, and count myself blessed to know you as friends.

Perhaps another free quilt pattern from Benartex and yours truly would induce you to forgive me of my long silence… I share with you my “Floral Framework” design, graciously offered by Benartex.  The tan squares you see in two of the blocks are meant for panels.  The fabrics you see are from Benartex’s Arboretum collection.

You may download the pattern for free here.  Thanks for stopping by!  I wish you a lovely day.


  1. I am glad that you have returned home safely and had a fun time.

    I usually take small toe nail clippers to cut my threads. Thanks for the free pattern.

  2. Hello Wendy. Welcome back – I’ve missed your posts! Hope you had a lovely time with your family. Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve been practicing feathers in earnest!

  3. Wendy, hope you had a great time with family. Glad your home safe.
    Thanks for the table runner pattern. Hope miss baby did ok on the flight.
    Lori Smanski

  4. Glad you had a safe trip home and had a good time with family. I flew on only a two hour flight and another miss baby kept her mother walking up and down the isles following her :) Everyone on the flight enjoyed the entertainment and the little smiles :)

  5. Arrrrgh! I would have just died had someone tried to confiscate my $35 embroidery scissors!!! OK, I’ll confess, I probably would not have taken THAT EXACT PAIR, just for the possibility. But, geez, they let you bring ’em OVER, but not back. Like you’ve changed into a terrorist while you were out. Not likely. Sometimes, they do the dumbest things!!!

    Glad to have you back now!!

  6. Welcome home Wendy. Thank goodness for stickers. Sorry about the confiscation. Hope that all your jet lag will be a thing of the past soon and normal routines will bring comfort and peace…

  7. Glad you had a nice visit with your family and are home safely. Have missed your posts. Thanks for the link. I love your pattern and will link to you the next time I post.

  8. Welcome Home, Wendy!
    Sorry you “lost” your scissors. I’ve often wondered why they don’t take our pens and pencils. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing the cute pattern. I needed a dresden template with the curved top. ***Have a question for you… do the petals overlap on the dresden or sewn as usual just side by side? Thanks!


  9. Welcome back, dear heart! Sorry about your scissors. What a bummer. Long trips like that are one reason I don’t travel by plane anymore. I’d have been taken off the plane in a basket if I’d have been in your shoes and immediately taken from the plane to the funny farm……glad to have you hack home!.

  10. No need to apologize for not keeping in touch with each of us. Birth family comes before quilt family, but we run a close second.;) Great photo of
    you and Miss Baby. What a sweetie. Glad you had a wonderful trip, Wendy.

  11. You aren’t the only one– I had my scissors confiscated, too. Nothing we could do at that point but turn them over. I just had bought a new one. So I was very idle on a trip–nothing but looking at what I could be doing.
    Glad you are home safely and enjoyed your trip. Carol

  12. Wow, they took your scissors on the way back, but not on the way there! How dumb is that! Maybe for next time you can get one of those thread cutters you wear around your neck – looks like a flower or something…sheesh, I would have gone crazy with nothing to do. I would have been playing with stickers, lol.

    The pic of the beach is calling to me….how I want to go play on a beach! LOVE your pattern Wendy, it’s gorgeous!!! I looked at my girlfriend’s QuiltWorld magazine today while waiting at the dr.’s for her, and there you were, twice – yay!!!

  13. Although frustrating, look at it this way…. at least Miss Baby’s birth sampler will keep you occupied for quite a while if you set her 21st birthday as the goal date for its’ completion…lol… Glad the rest of your holiday went well. :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  14. Missed your blog. Love your quilts and everything you do. About the airlines, what I do is take a sample dental floss package (like the dentist gives you). The cutter on it works for thread as well as floss. You can clip the extra tails when you get home.

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