Birth Sampler: Part 6

It’s been a long time since I posted any progress on the Birth Sampler I am working on for Miss Baby.  I have just been too busy in the past months.  The last progress picture I recorded is the following:

I was able to work on my needlework projects these last couple of weeks.  You can see the wee bit of progress I made on Miss Baby’s birth sampler:

I thought I would be able to finish stitching the sampler during my hiatus.  My sister told me I was unrealistically and naively ambitious…. and she is probably right! :(

Thanks for stopping by.  I am stitching away whenever I get a few minutes.  I haven’t given up on my goal yet… ;)


9 thoughts on “Birth Sampler: Part 6

  1. HI, appears you are making more then you thought of and I think it looks very well and cute, I think you are doing well. not to worry what others think it is how you think. you take care I look forward to your planed block when you get back form your rest. HUGS Jeanne xox

  2. Hi Wendy…… Hope your enjoying your time off. Oh how well I know the amount of time it takes on needlework projects. I’m working on a sampler now that I started in November and still have only gotten half way through. However, I know the satisfaction after I see it matted and framed. Anyway, enjoy yourself working on your, and I hope to see the finished product……..Affectionally, BJ

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