Virtual Trunk Show: Pinwheels!

The pinwheel blocks are like the staples in a quilter’s bag of tricks.  When I need to add a little something to my quilt designs, pinwheels are always one of the options!  According to this link, the pinwheel quilt pattern was developed around 1795.

You will see in the following the different pinwheel quilts I have made in the last couple of years.

1.  Joseph’s Pinwheels (Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting, June 2011.  Also Love of Quilting TV episode 1806)

[Photo from]

2.  Summertime (Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts, Summer 2011)

3.  Starry Pursuit (Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts, Winter 2011, Cover Quilt)

4.  Holiday Spinners (The Quilter, Holiday 2010)

5.  Spring Song (Sample for Benartex’s Forever Spring fabric line, Quilt Market 2010)

Which one is your favorite Pinwheel Quilt?

Now, please tell me how many  quilts you have made?


22 thoughts on “Virtual Trunk Show: Pinwheels!

  1. They are all lovely….drawn to the Starry ….maybe it’s the quilted feathers. not sure….no idea how many quilts I’ve made……hundreds; been quilting and selling for over 24 years….love it

  2. I really love every one of your designs, but Spring Song just calls out to me! Right now “Spring” calls out to me, too. Supper tonight: steak on the grill, baked potatoes, German red cabbage and homemade bread. The temps continue to be super mild and above the average. Even hung out the laundry/sheets on the outdoor clotheslines today……and they dried!!! Doreen

  3. Ahhhh, it was a tie between Spring Song and Starry Pursuit, but Spring won me over! (but those feathers are somethin’ else!)

    How many quilts have I made? hahahaha – you crack me up. One for myself, and one for my friend. Let’s see….how many is that? Um.. TWO! yeah, that’s it – TWO! And how many have I quilted myself..oh, that’s so much easier to count – NONE! :) Now, I have made a couple of wall hangings that I’ve quilted myself (gently), and a couple of little blankets that hardly count as quilts, that may or may not have quilting (if you call stitch in the ditch quilting, then they have it; likewise, if you’re looking for stitching like yours – HA, quit lookin’ because it’s just not there!!).

    Good to hear from you – hope y’all are feeling better!!

    • Oh it was lovely to read the comments and find someone else who has not made hundreds of quilts. I have only made one and that is likely get “stitch in the ditch” because for the life of me I cannot work out how I am supposed to get a whole quilt through my machine and still retain control over my stitching! It looks near impossible. Good luck with any future quilts. I MAY manage a second!
      Anne Marie

  4. I could never choose one of your quilts as my favorite. I love all that you have done. Throw pinwheels into the mix (my favorite) and there is no choosing.
    I also could not tell you how many quilts that I have made. They are either gifts made for someone to give someone else, gifts that I have given. I truly have no idea! Bad me. I’m trying to do better at taking pictures and even signing and dating them. Hands are getting old and very arthritic so from now on they are special for me because I know there will soon be a time that I will not be able to quilt anymore. That will make me very sad!

  5. Holiday Spinners is my favorite, by far. I bought the kit and completed the quilt for last Christmas and I just love it! Although I’m a gramma, I’ve only been quilting 3 years and have completed 13 quilts! Thanks for all the inspiration Wendy!

  6. There’s something about the bright polka dots that I love, so that’s my pick. The feather quilting on Starry Pursuit is just spectacular, by the way. I wish I kept track of all the quilts I made since I started quilting 13 years ago, but I haven’t. So, it’s safe to say over 50 with a lot more to come!

  7. Very hard to pick a favourite as they all so beautiful. I do like the pinwheel design though. I am JUST starting to make quilts and have only made one (only the patchwork bit so far!) I especially like the springtime one because it is very similar to the colours that my D-I-L has chosen for her baby’s (Due August) bedroom. I plan to make quilt, cot bumper and curtains. I must be mad.

  8. SO lovely! Spring Song is my fave….those little pinwheels just add so much sparkle to that lovely quilt! How many quilts have I made? I have NO IDEA!!!

  9. I think it’s around 15 full size, 20+ baby, numerous tablerunners n toppers, and christmas ornaments…I think I need to sit down a journal all the quilts I’ve made. Getting to the age where I really have to think about who I have made for.

  10. Wendy…silly girl…they are ALL beautiful and ALL my favorite.
    I think your polls should have a button for “All the above”.
    I’m sure that would be THE most popular selection.
    I wish I had three wishes and one wish would be to have you appear each time I sat down to do some FMQ and my hands would magically move to create all those fantastic “Wendy” quilt designs.
    You are one majorly talented and artistic quilter!
    Thanks so much for sharing your masterpieces and great tips and techniques.

  11. Given that they each have a different ‘theme’ it is hard to choose! I have made about six quilts over the years, and kept none of them…lol… fortunately I took pictures of them :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  12. Ohhh, Spring Song draws me in like a gorgeous spring day! Tell me you will be publishing that pattern SOON!!!!! It’s breath taking!

    I have *completed* 8 quilts and have another 6 in progress. LOL I have another 20 or so that I am dying to start!

    Happy Quilting!

  13. I have jusr realised I have lots of funny bits of fabrics that would be perfect for having a go at the pinwheels. Jacob’s pinwheel is just triangles isn’t it? Surely even I can manage that!

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