Nestlings Sequel: Sneak Peek #2

Oh look, how the nestlings have grown…

…. from the days they were in the nest in the original Nestlings!

I want to thank you for the get-well-soon wishes.  I am still on the mend.  I am feeling a bit tired of this flu/cold bug!  But I suppose I shall get well soon enough…. ;)  Blessings to you all!

20 thoughts on “Nestlings Sequel: Sneak Peek #2

  1. Hurry up and heal thyself so you can get back to quilting! :-)

    I love your little birdie appliques, by the way. You can really see how much dimension the quilting adds when you look at those two pictures side by side!

  2. OH Yes it looks lovely, my hands are itching to get started also, but you come first to get better, please do not wear hour self out,,love and hugs take care Jeanne xox

    • Oh Yes I can see the work you have added to the nest, I sure hope you are listening to your self and taking slow, I would rather have you well and 100% then a dead nest, lol I love it, and I am going to go to my sewing machine and practice my motion work, yes it has been a while, but oh to fun. So I better go clean up my mess and get going, you my dear take care of you, HUG and Cheers Jeanne xox

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