Miss Baby’s felt strawberry cake

In the age where most gifts are easily and conveniently bought, I love it when someone hand makes something and gives it to Miss Baby as a gift.  It just melts my heart to see someone cares enough to make something to bless Miss Baby in such a special way.  Yesterday, Miss Baby received a package all the way from Asia, and in it among other things, was a felt birthday cake!  The entire cake is handstitched by my sister.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

I love how my sister did the piped icing on the cake!

The cake goes perfectly with my Lady Carlyle dishes.  Would you join us for a piece of cake?  Miss Baby has been asking, “Piece of cake, Mama”?

This has nothing to do with the cake, only the china. :)  I love my Lady Carlyle pieces.

The porcelain blings proved to be too much for Miss Baby, and she had to have a part in my fake tea party.  Here you can see her handling one of my precious Lady Carlyle for the very first time.  No, I wasn’t too nervous as the Lady Carlyle pieces are still relatively easy to replace. :)  See the bling she had draped over her neck?  I promise you I thought I had put those bead necklaces up after Christmas…

And here Miss Baby proceeded to cut the cake with her toy knife, with the cutting side up!

Things went a bit chaotic after Miss Baby took an active interest in my staged photography session… you can see her dime-sized cup and saucer she insisted placing by my china pieces, and how she insisted on hovering in the background when I tried to capture a few last shots.  Nap time was imminent, so we packed up our props, and went upstairs shortly after…

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have enjoyed our special cake as much as we have at the Ivory Spring household.  My sister sent more felt food items.  I will show you more as we go along.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  Blessings to you.



42 thoughts on “Miss Baby’s felt strawberry cake

  1. WOW – it just doesn’t get any cuter than this! (of course, puppies & newborn horses run a close second, but still second!)

    That cake looks like HOURS of fun!!

  2. I love this very feminine cake! Ladies tea for sure! I made some for my great grandaughter a couple of years ago. What tickled me is my one son who has two sons thought they were such a cute idea. He would have made the best dad for a little girl. He’s pretty top notch for a dad for two boys. Both make pretty much straight A’s and are very athletic. He’s going to have his hands full in a few years.

    Please tell Miss Baby that I think her cake looks delish!

  3. Nothing like a tea party with the little one! Miss G will grow to appreciate the special occasions with you, Momma! Your sister’s handwork on the cake is adorable, Wendy.

  4. Wendy, your sister’s work is beautiful and I’m sure the cake will be a family treasure for a very long time. My daughter when she was little the Strawberry Patch dolls were popular(little 4″ dolls that came in different in fruit and pie flavors), a friend of my MIL crocheted each of the dolls for Katy. She is still has them and the dolls are thirty years old now. I think it’s good when kids learn to treasure things like this and Miss Baby’s birthday cake.

  5. What a stunning gift for Miss Baby. Your sister must be as creative and talented as you are!

    Isn’t it fun to see their imagination at play? I just love watching little ones imitate life.

  6. Wow! I have never seen such a lovely cake before! Oh the talent you and your sister have! My goodness, that is just gorgeous!! What a sweet and precious gift for your little one.

    I do love her bling! That is too precious :)


  7. Wow! That is one great cake your sister stitched for Miss Baby! Love it and all the photos especially Miss Baby with her beads!

  8. What a nice gift to give to a little girl. Your sister did a beautiful job, can’t wait to see what the other items she made are.

  9. Wow! What a fabulous Birthday Cake! Tell your sis how we all here love her talents, too. As a little girl, I would have loved having the cake to play with at my tea parties, too. Beautiful china, perfect with the strawberry cake.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to more posts from you.
    donna j in kansas

  10. Wow! The creativity genes are very present in your family. Miss Baby’s BD cake is just so delicious and her tea set matches yours! She’s got the “eye” too! Happy Birthday, Miss Baby.

  11. WOW your sister is as talented as you are. She did an amazing job. Funny my good china is called Carlyle but by Royal Dalton.

    Hugs to Miss Baby (is it her BD)

  12. Wow–the cake looks so real ! And what a great gift for a little girl. Love the Lady Carlyle teapot, too–now I have to go look up more about that line. Good thing I have great sales resistance :-)

  13. How magical! I see that sewing skills and an impeccable eye for design run in your family — can’t wait to see what Miss Baby creates as she grows older and follows in her mom’s and auntie’s talented footsteps.

  14. Oh that is soooo precious! I love the cake and I LOVE that you and Miss Baby will have tea parties – so many ahead of you! Your china is beautiful! I love Lady Carlyle too – I have one cup in the older shape like yours that I just love. Most of mine are Old Country Roses but I do have a teapot and cup in Lady C and just love the pink! Love the gift your sister sent!

  15. The felt cake is awesome! You and G will enjoy many tea parties with that lovely cake! Your sister is as talented as you! I love your Lady Carlyle pieces too! Just gorgeous! Happy birthday to Miss Baby! She is such a blessing! Oh, I also LOVE her bling! those are near and dear to my heart! :-)

  16. Well, your sister is just as talented as you are and it sure runs in the family. That cake is the cutest and just precious for little girls and one very special little one. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to your blogg all the time. Blessings.

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