Gearing up for…

…. a companion piece for Nestlings:

I have spent quite a few hours agonizing the tree you see in my sketch.  I imagine I will spend a couple more hours on it before I transfer the concept to fabrics.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are doing well.  Be sure to come back tomorrow — I have something adorably sweet to show you!

13 thoughts on “Gearing up for…

  1. Happy happy new year dear Wendy to you and all Family!
    Sorry for my late whit my wish but for long time I haven’t the pc..
    Great year my dear!Yours creations are always so fabulous!
    Hugs! Monica

  2. I look forward to what you are to pick and also do, your work is too pretty as you are so patient, Yes I look forward to what you have to picked and worked on. again your great at what you do. Thank you, Jeanne

    • The LOVE you have put into this design of Quilt shows so well I am happy to see you are coming close to a presentation to all and Thank you for your true effort of work I knew what ever you did was going to be perfect! love it all.

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