Final Sneak Peek: Sugar Rush

Speaking of “rush”, this will be a rather rushed post as I am still catching up with things after being gone the first part of January.  I did manage to finish a quilt using RJR‘s Sugar Rush fabrics:

This quilt design is totally dedicated to a beginning quilter.  I remember how I had wanted to make something not so beginner-looking with my beginner’s skills when I first started quilting.  So I always keep that in mind when I design to see if I could make an “easy to make and yet looks a bit sophisticated” quilt.  If all things go well, the design will be published later this year.

I have got to run!  I will catch up with you later.  Hugs to you all!


9 thoughts on “Final Sneak Peek: Sugar Rush

  1. HI, Yes I have to run too, to go shovel the snow out of my way, yep SNOW all over, I love your idea and yes understand I never thought I did anything good when I first made a quilt or started with anything I sewed. I like seeing all the different types of material you are showing here, GEE it looks like my stash I have oh what fun,,looking forward to when you get back, take care and HUGS Jeanne

  2. The square inside a square patterns are popular right now and they will really set off the special contemporary fabrics. Like what you have done so far and can’t wait to see more. you take care. It is always a joy to see that I have a posting from you when I turn on the computer.

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