Favorite among the favorites!

Friends, this is going to be my last post wrapping up 2011.  It’s been so fun to refresh the polling results to see which quilt ended up being liked the most.  I have trotted out the favorites from the individual polling posts for this post – would you indulge me this once more and vote for your favorite among favorites?

1.  French Bouquet (House of White Birches, April 2011)

2.  Starry Pursuit (Fons and Porter, Easy Quilts Winter 2011)

3.  Quilting Around Applique Block (Quilter’s World, April 2011)

4.  Nestlings (The Quilter, April/May 2011)

Thanks, everyone!  I am inching back toward my routine as you read this post.  I shall catch up with you later.  Hugs to you all.

24 thoughts on “Favorite among the favorites!

  1. HI,
    Gee I just hate having to make the pick of which I like better then the other, I love them all, I have learned so much from you and I feel so much more confident then I have in a long time, and I thank you for that and wish you well, and yes HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 HUGS angeljeanne (jeanne)

  2. OMG, can I vote for 3 of the 4 even though I love, love all 4 of them. In the end I voted for Quilting around the Applique block…(of course you knew it would be one of the 3 appliques I voted for) tehehe! All of them were wonderful Ms Wendy.

    • Yes Mandy I too agree with you, I just can’t pick just one, I want them all they are too pretty and so wonderful, Hope to talk to you later have a great day HUGS angeljeanne (Jeanne)

  3. May I please ask a question or two? Do you do your quilting on a domestic machine or longarm? What is the brand of that machine?

    Beautiful work!!

  4. Starry Pursuit is my favourite.

    Happy 2012. Thanks for opening up a new world of quilting for me. I just finished my first project today, and give you all the credit! You’ve been inspiring.

  5. All too beautiful to choose from. Nestlings feel of Spring to me, so this time of year when I long for sprig, wins my vote today.

  6. I Wendy, I took a couple of classes of yours at Rogers Sewing Center. Love reading your posts & seeing your pictures. Thanks to your inspiration & Diane Gaudynski’s books, I’m really getting into this beautiful quilting! Enjoy pictures of Miss Baby’s new dresses too. I had 3 sons & 2 grandsons & would have enjoyed doing the sewing you’re doing.

  7. It was so hard for me to choose but quilting around the applique was what brought me to discover your blog & all your fabulous work. So gotta go with that

  8. Quilt around the Applique block is my favorite for sheer inspiration but Nestlings really tugs at my heart. All your work is over the top in my book. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  9. Jeanne
    OH dear I applied again,,I look forward to see what you decide,,talk soon LOVE YOU LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE TAUGHT US ALL!!

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