Behind the Scenes: A Random Outtake

I was going through my photo archive from 2011, and thought you might enjoy this shot. I generally have quite a few pictures like this one during photo shoots for my blog posts – because Miss Baby insists on helping. This particular shot is from my photo shoot for my Coxcomb and Berries quilt.

Now you will really appreciate all the photos that actually make it on my blog posts. :)  Have a lovely day, dear Friends!

14 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: A Random Outtake

  1. hahaha I was so totally admiring the quilting that I seemed to miss all the cuteness. I just joined the 2012 FMQ challange because I was so inspired by your work. You can post these kind of pictures anytime. Gives us a chance to see that Miss Baby’s growing up!

  2. mis hijas se fueron hace varios días de campamento,extraño todo,si vinieran a pisar mi trabajo , gritaría un poco ,pero lo preteriría .Estoy aquí por eso ,porque no tiene sentido dejarle en todos sus post un comentario por su INCREÍBLE TRABAJO ,pero ahora tengo el tiempo de dejarle este.Siempre aprendo de USTED.

  3. Benny, my 4 legged baby, does the same thing. Only he is jealous of my quilts and usually pees on them during the auditions. sigh.

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