Giveaway winner

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday to you!  My iron giveaway winner is Dottie K who wrote “Like it’s appearance as well as it being cordless. Cordless irons do have some negatives but they are acceptable. . I tend to like a weightier iron when doing my piecing since I don’t have to press the iron down myself but let the weight of the iron do that job.. Through the years I’ve decided it’s more economical to not spend big bucks for irons as most don’t last all that long. This iron appears to have good points which I will check out. I always like to have a good spare I can rely on.”  Dottie, please email me your address.

For those who would like to purchase the iron, I have a coupon offer for you.  Type in coupon code: FREESTYLEQUILTER.  The coupon offer is for a $20 instant rebate at checkout for the 360° Freestyle Cordless Iron while supplies last, and will be valid from Wednesday 12/7 through Wednesday 12/21. There is also free shipping for a period of time on

I have much more to share, but I simply must run right now.  I will catch up with you tomorrow.  Tootles.

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4 thoughts on “Giveaway winner

  1. Is there any particular address I should use to make contact with you. How exciting! It has been a rainy day in my area and I love rainy days! I’m preparing to have my son and daughter-in-law here for dinner with me on December 25 and thinking life can’t get any better than this. Now this notice arrives from you and life just became even better. Waaaay better! Thank you!

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