Product Review & Giveaway: Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless 360 Degree Multi-Directional Iron

See this little nifty iron?  It is the Panasonic’s Cordless Freestyle Iron.  You can read the technical aspects about the iron here.

After using it now for about two weeks, the iron has grown on me.  The iron itself being cordless and freestyle means that is heated on a base with a temperature control panel.

One nice thing about the iron being detached when in use is that the base doesn’t have to be necessarily placed on the ironing board if space is an issue.

Without a cord, one can glide the iron in whatever directions one wishes without the restriction of an entangling cord.  I find that useful for working with small applique pieces and general piecing.

I also like how the handle feels on my small hands.  And it comes in a nice see-through carrying case.  I can definitely see this being a bring-to-class iron.

I personally like my iron to be weightier for pressing purposes.  I do not use steam when I press my quilt pieces, so the weight of an iron is quite important to me.  Somehow I feel like the Panasonic Freestyle 360 iron doesn’t come across as “weighty” as I would personally prefer.  I probably wouldn’t use this iron for pressing my quilt backing fabric since the iron isn’t being heated while detached from the base.  At this point, I am not sure about what to think about the auto-shutoff feature.  I have always had mixed feelings about the auto-shutoff feature with any iron.

Overall all, I had a rather pleasant experience using this Panasonic Freestyle 360 Iron.


SO now I am curious… what do you look for in an iron?  What iron do you use for quilting?


Good news!  Anyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered into a giveaway of the VERY  iron!  Comments for giveaway will not be accepted after midnight on Sunday (EST).  Winner will be announce next Monday.

56 thoughts on “Product Review & Giveaway: Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless 360 Degree Multi-Directional Iron

  1. This looks really neat. I’ll have to keep it in mind next time I need an iron. I don’t iron much these days, but I do hate wrestling with cord. I LOVE the auto-shut-off feature. I once accidentally left an iron on and it started sparking hours later.

    Why don’t you use steam on piecing? Would it shrink of distort the fabric?

  2. I like weight to my iron, too, though I do use steam at times. The absolute number one thing I AVOID is the auto-shutoff. I don’t think I’ve seen a cordless that doesn’t ‘provide’ auto-shutoff, so they’re off the list.

    I prefer inexpensive irons, because my irons take a beating – often on for 8-10 hours a day. And anyway, if a $20-$25 iron dies after a year of the abuse I heap on it, I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth out of it and wiil happily go out and get another one. If a $160 iron dies after a year, I would be unhappy and would certainly balk at having to shell out that much $ for another one.

  3. After trying several brands, including the much-touted but unremarkable Rowenta, in August I bought a T-fal iron. I’ve never been happier with an iron! It’s wonderful with options for lots of steam (I like steam and the mini-facial I get with it!) and a quick heat-up. It also has an automatic shut-off for long hours spent in my sewing area. Some people don’t care for that feature, I know. Best of all, it cost me only $35. I have no more pressing concerns. Read more about my iron experience here:

  4. I use a walmart sunbeam iron…i use to buy rowenta but i got tired of replacing my iron at $100 a pop. I also have small hands and feel the handles are to wide. Maybe one day a quilter will make a line of irons that have all our needs in one! Hint hint!

  5. My favorite was the heavy iron my Mom had, wish I could find one — I have 3 Rowenta irons plus an Oreck iron that I detest. Would guess the Panasonic isn’t any different as far as the ironing quality. Its more ergonically shaped however. They tried.

  6. Thanks! I’ve been wanting to try one of these and I agree with you on the auto shutoff. It feels like my iron is always yelling at me.

  7. My two irons are a Sunbeam that leaks water at the most inopportune times, and a Black & Decker that I’ve lately been using on my mini quilters ironing board in the sewing room. Both are at least 14-15 years old, though the B&D hadn’t been used much until recently when sewing room remodel made it possible to have a small ironing board set up. I’d love to try this new one; I’m used to the auto shut-off, it’s a pain but with more and more senior moments in my life, I know I need it! Thanks for the review and this give-away offer!

  8. I’m using a Black and Decker. I look for an iron that has comes to a sharp point – important for getting into small crevices.

    I’d like to try this iron…

  9. Like it’s appearance as well as it being cordless. Cordless irons do have some negatives but they are acceptable. . I tend to like a weightier iron when doing my piecing since I don’t have to press the iron down myself but let the weight of the iron do that job.. Through the years I’ve decided it’s more economical to not spend big bucks for irons as most don’t last all that long. This iron appears to have good points which I will check out. I always like to have a good spare I can rely on.

  10. I mostly look for a non stick base plate. I do a lot of work with fusible and it’s nice to not have to worry about getting sticky stuff on the iron. I agree with you on the auto shut off, but after leaving the iron on all night a couple of times I may want to revisit those feelings. I’d love to try this iron. Thanks for the chance on your giveaway!

  11. I wonder how long the iron “holds” the heat. I think it’s a step in the right direction. My son used my Rowenta iron when he was home for Thanksgiving. He looked at me and said, “This is a serious iron.” Yes it is. I consider the shut-off feature a safety feature and have learned to live with it.

  12. My fav iron is a little travel Rowenta that i keep by my machine on the sewing table. Good for small piecing projects. No auto shut off for me. I like the idea of ironing multidirectionally with this new Panasonic cordless though. Thanks for the give-away offer!

  13. I had a cordless iron that I loved, but it stoped working. I don’t know what brand right now because I’m at work. I have been without it for over a year and I really miss it. I used it primarily for applique and for machine piecing. I agree that it wasn’t so good for large pieces as it didn’t stay hot long enough, but it was wonderful to keep next to the machine because the cord wasn’t an issue with knocking all my little “stuff” on the floor when pressing seams. I personally like the auto shut off feature for safety reasons…mostly that I have a kitty who likes to cuddle next to a warm iron. Mine had a swivle base that I liked a lot, too. It didn’t have the retractable cord or a case. I can see where this iron would be great for classes, etc. Thanks for showing about it.

  14. I use a Digital Velocity iron. You can over ride the auto -shutoff! It is a good weight, and has lots of steam. It is pricey, but so worth it.
    For you Rowenta fans out there, you can order an iron without the auto -shutoff on their website.

  15. Hi Wendy! I did a blog post on my hunt for the perfect iron a while ago. I’m still looking! I like steam, I don’t like auto shutoff and I find for piecing, I like a small iron. So, currently, I use a Rowenta craft iron for that. I prefered their older model it had an up/down lever, the new one has a dial. For ironing large pieces, I have both an Olisio (the cheapest one) and a Reliable Digital Velocity. This 360 is interesting!

  16. Oh This looks awesome ~ want to try it out. It would be wonderful for my pieced tops before they go to the quilter, it is hard to manage around the cord issue! Thanks for testing it and reviewing it. Also for the give-away!!

  17. I use a Rowenta which I like because it has a sharp tapered point at the front which helps when I’m pressing seams to one side. Like you I prefer a heavier iron as it helps flatten seams. I really like my Rowenta.

  18. A very space age looking iron. Sounds pretty nice.
    I use a Rowenta. I have had it for about 6 years now. I look for a slick,sleek bottom. I don’t like teflon on the bottom of the iron.
    thanks for a chance to win the iron.

  19. I’ve never tried a cordless iron but the idea appeals to me. I like it hot for sure. I don’t like the automatic shutoff at all. It is just a pain when you are really getting going and the iron is off. I’d love to try this one. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  20. I must say this is a very interesting iron.

    I used to look for name brand, but I’ve had several Rowenta’s and they all leaked. I don’t like it too heavy or too light. i want shot of steam, no leaking or dripping.

    I love the idea that this ones cord is not attached. Always catching the cord on my clothes.

  21. I would love a new iron and I would REALLY love this new iron. One of the real reasons I would love this iron is so that I can stop pulling my fabric off the ironing board. If I don’t win this iron I will probably go out and buy one.

  22. I use a Black & Decker iron, I look for something that gets HOT and stays good and HOT mine works pretty well. I miss the no longer manufactured cordless Maytag irons, so I’d like to try this one!

  23. I like some weight to my iron as well but I also use steam so an iron that doesn’t “dribble” is also important. Unfortunately, both of those items are lacking on my current iron so I would LOVE to win a new one… :o)

  24. Another blogger just reviewed this one recently and had pretty much the same views of it as you did. Thanks for a corroborating opinion!

    I like irons that get really hot, give good steam (with burst and vertical steam options) and I really like an auto-off feature so I don’t have to worry if I forget to turn off the iron. And now that you mention it, having good weight is helpful, I know I’ve had some light irons in the past and don’t think they were as effective. Oh, and it must be sturdy–lord knows I’ve dropped and killed more than a few irons in my day! I like the idea of a cordless iron. As someone else noted, when you are ironing yardage or backings, that would be very handy.

    I am currently using an old, cheap back-up iron (put into service when my last iron died) without water in it so no built in steam but it keeps it from spitting (a tip I got from Bonnie Hunter’s blog). But I also have an Oliso I caught on sale and a Rowenta purchased based on a blogger recommendation. When I moved earlier this year I decided to wait until I had killed the extra one before using the newer ones. I thought it would be just a matter of time but so far it’s still holding up! I usually go through an iron every year or two. Maybe NOT using water is the key to iron longevity?

  25. Hi Wendy! My favorite iron of all time was the teflon coated plate. It was heavy and steamed great! Got it from Kohl’s at a good price. However, on Christmas Eve as I was making the binding for my hubby’s Christmas gift, my teenaged goofy-acting son was messing around my ironing board and knocked the “on” iron to the cement floor, shooting flames and sparks out of it. How sad. Where do you go to find a fast emergency iron in a small town at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve? Certainly not to Walmart or Target! Went to Dollar General for a real cheapie. It is now only my emergency iron still. So for my next one I thought I “had” to have a Rowenta because that is what quilters use. It is very good, but doesn’t glide as smooth as the first one. It has been a workhorse for 10 years now. When it wears out, I will probably go back to just a good quality, heavy and sharp pointed, teflon iron again. This cordless iron sounds great for piecing. But for backings and long border applications, I would use the plug in iron unless this iron holds heat & steam a long time. For general clothing ironing, it would be wonderful! I have managed to work around the auto shut off. My Rowenta reheats super fast so I don’t mind it. I agree with the others…the safety factor is more important as I have accidentally left the iron on when I left the studio for a couple hours. And when I got married 33 years ago, in our first house, I left that old fashioned iron on for 3 days before I realized it! So, give me safety, I have too many hand appliqued and quilted quilts plus a darling naughty puppy in my house that would be a devastating loss to me in a fire.
    Merry Christmas to you!
    donna j from kansas

  26. I’ve been using a Black and Decker classic lately. It’s okay, but it does have a tendency to bunch up fabrics in it’s steam holes. For many years I used Rowenta’s. My first Rowenta lasted more than 15 years, before it started spitting bits, even after cleaning. The next two Rowenta’s each lasted one year apiece, very disappointing, hence the inexpensive Black and Decker. Being constantly on a search for a good iron, I’d love to try this one out. My comment is also above, but I didn’t want to be anonymous (so go ahead and delete it!

  27. I love the idea of cordless, but not sure it would hold enough heat for me…I don’t use steam -prefer a spray bottle – so that’s not an issue. I absolutely loathe the auto-shut-off feature, I’ve never left an iron plugged in and when you’re ironing a large piece or trying to fuse, the stupid thing shuts off in the middle of the job.
    I do like the look of this iron, but would probably never use it – so don’t enter me, hon!
    Oh – and my favorite iron was a Black and Decker Classic, it was $30, no auto-shut-off, and it was nice and heavy! Unfortunately, it stopped getting very hot after about a year, and now I can’t find another one.

  28. I would love to win the iron. I hate cords on irons they always get caught on my ironing board. I had a Olisio which was a big disappointment. It broke after about a year. Now it keeps clicking and going up and down like it’s having a fit. I sent a e-mail to the company for advice and they did not respond. I was not impressed. I had to get my old iron out and need to replace it soon.

  29. Oh this would be so handy for me~ being a lefty I am always tangling myself with the cord. ;-) I had a nice Rowenta, but it started spitting. After that I got something cheap and then dropped it. Now I have a Sunbeam and I like it. Funny thing~ when I was visiting my Mom last spring I noticed she has the same iron I do and we never talk about irons! LOL Thanks for the chance!

  30. Interesting iron. Never seen one like that. However, I’m with Allie…can’t stand that shut off feature. I’m up and down from my sewing machine and really get irritated when my iron has shut off while I was sewing. Looked all over town for one that didn’t have that feature. I have my iron connected to my light, so I’ll be sure and turn everything off when I turn off the light. Thanks for the info about the iron though. I like to hear about new products.

  31. Well, truth be told, I like an iron that is relatively heavy, but no so heavy that I get tired of using it, teflon coated, steam & spray, and MUST be auto-shutoff (I get distracted easily, what can I say?).

    For years, I used only a cordless iron, like this one, but bigger. As you note, they are heated only when in the base. Loved ’em. Then when that iron finally died, I had to get a replacement. No cordless iron to be found – what happened while I wasn’t looking? Never did find out.

    Used a corded iron for some more years and then became a 2-household person again, so I found myself purchasing a little cheapie for use in the not-so-much used household (the house, actually). OK, well that didn’t last long. Cheap irons are just that – cheap irons. Was not satisfied, so pitched it & went & got me another heavy weight….but still corded. Oh…..I’d so love to have me another cordless iron!! :)

    Ya know, in some countries, they’d love to have ANY electric iron! My, how spoiled I’ve become!!

  32. I’m an old-fashioned Rowenta fan when it comes to wanting some weight behind the pressing! For quick pressing between sewing seams, I have a small ironing table set up right next to my sewing machine with a 1960s Light n Easy travel iron. This little baby gets hot-hot-hot and has a lovely tip for pressing seams open (which I prefer). It’s my go-to iron until the quilt blocks are finished, then it’s on to the Rowenta. This cordless iron seems like the prefect take-along for workshops or for when lots of quilting friends are over.

  33. I’m a Rowenta girl at home and away. They both serve me well. I like the on/off feature because I am always distracted and am thankful not to have to worry that I left the iron on. The steam on both Rowentas is great. I’ve had both pretty much 20 years. I also have an old fashioned iron without steam and that is great for pressing–no holes and heavy. I used it prior to printing photos by inkjet. I don’t especially like messing with cords and heavy irons anymore; the Panasonic might be one I’d try.

  34. Like you I prefer a little weight to my iron for pressing. But this particular iron would be handy to keep near my sewing machine, and as you mentioned the carry case makes it great for classes. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  35. What a great looking iron. I had a cordless iron before and absolutely loved it. It was able to be used as a corded or cordless iron but while away for a weekend the person staying in my home broke it somehow since there was a crack and all the water ran out as fast as I put it in. Of course, she didn’t have a clue what might have happened. grrrrr This would be awesome to have. I miss the cordless aspect of an iron. It was so nice not having to fuss with the cord getting in the way.

    Other than loving the cordless part, I am very picky and want an iron that has good steam. And one that doesn’t weigh a ton is another big plus given my wrists and how weak they are since the surgery I had on both of them a year ago to ‘fix’ a problem I had. Sadly, they are worse now than before so a really heavy iron causes pain.

    Thank you for the great review and chance to possibly win one.

  36. I like an iron with a little weight to it and one with a lot of steam power – for pressing all those seams on twirly little dresses. I love my Rowenta, but it’s starting to leak around the handle when I fill it completely. Probably time for another iron soon.

  37. This is a very neat looking iron. I could really see myself using this little beauty! I seem to go through irons more than any other lady I know. I do iron alot and I also sew. Now, I am looking at quilting. I love your blog and your designs. You’re a very talented lady. Especially love your feathers :).
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beauty. Hope you have a festival holiday! With little ones, it really makes holidays alot more special and magical.
    Take Care

  38. I love this little iron. It is the best I have seen. So handy to take to classes.
    I want to say thank you for your lovely blog. I read it every day. I am in awe of your quilting. It is fantastic. Have a lovely Christmas with your family. Sounds like Miss Baby is going to enjoy it this year.
    Happy Holidays. Lyn Blackburn.

  39. I love the fact there’s no cord. I have had to give up my big sewing room when we moved and am always looking for ways to work in a small place.

  40. Currently use a Black & Decker (low cost model) and so far has not dripped – which is more than I can say about previous three irons I’ve used in the past 10 years. Looking for a smaller iron for traveling but hesitant to pay a lot of money for one. I like the auto shut-off feature simply because I don’t like the thought of using unnecessary power. On the other hand, I also prefer a hot iron right when I need it. But what’s a few extra seconds waiting for the B&D to get hot again? Cords can be cumbersome so the cordless sounds good, but again, I think I’d prefer the iron to stay hot for as long as I’m using it.

  41. Weight is definitely an issue for me too, but on the other hand – there has to be balance too. I guess the most important thing is HOW HOT does it get. I also don’t use steam when peacing but do use it (if I had to ) when pressing stubborn creases on the backing etc.
    This little one looks really nice and cordless feature is definitely a BIG plus!
    Thanks for a chance to win!
    BTW – you quilting is amazing and gorgeous!! LOVE Coxcomb quilt – simple and stunning!

  42. I have a Rowenta, but I really like my cheap little Black & Decker travel iron better for quilting because it gets good and hot and stays good and hot. Factors to shop for: I like auto shut off because I am notorious for getting distracted and forgetting to turn off the iron. The weight and smoothness of gliding on fabric is important. I like it to get good and hot and maintain a consistent temp. A cordless iron would be great, I am always getting the cord tangled up in the fabric when I press yardage.

  43. I’ve had three rowenta irons… I like the heaviness of them. But….they do not last very long and the same problem develops…leaking. Why do I keep setting myself up for the same problem??? I can’t find a heavy iron that I like so I go back to the Rowenta only to be disappointed again! There has got to be a name for that? I’d love to try another brand!!!

  44. I would love to try this little iron. I wonder how hot it gets? I wonder how “steamy” it gets? I wonder a lot of things. LOL. I’ve never owned a cordless iron! I have a Rowenta right now that I like somewhat. It has it’s own issues though. One of these days I will find the perfect iron. Thanks for the chance to try this one.

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