FREE PATTERN: Phantom of the Opera – Music of the Night

Quilting Treasures released a new fabric line, based on the famous story Phantom of the Opera.  The fabrics are shipping to quilt shops in mid-December.  Keep your eyes peeled for them if you are a novelty fabric fan!

I designed a quilt pattern for the fabric collection, free for download here:

Nosy mind wants to know if you are a fan of Phantom of the Opera…

Have a great day, Friends!

25 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Phantom of the Opera – Music of the Night

  1. I LOVE “The Phantom of the Opera!” I took my youngest son to see it and the look on his face when it “began” was all the reason I needed to love this musical. He was 14 at the time and he ended up studying musical theater and works in theater now. It will always have a special place in my heart. I love the movie, too!

  2. I saw it at the theatre here years ago and remember how absolutely marvellous it was. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole thing and came home and played the CD over and over. Definitely a favourite of mine!

  3. Thanks for the pattern! The ‘Chandelier’ fabric is gorgeous. Oh, yes. I’m a fan of Phantom. I remember saving up to purchase the 2-Disc CD set of the music. Then I saved up and bought the sheet music. My poor family had to listen to hours of me banging away at the piano keys and trying to sing as well as ‘Christine’ :) Happy Tuesday!

  4. lovely/ beautiful… I am a big Phantom fan, and think I’ve seen it 4 times…
    BUT, gotta say, I don’t want to quilt it. I think I am more of a traditional person..who likes a nice old fashioned wedding ring, etc.

  5. I love Phantom of the Opera and did not know there was a fabric line for it. Great information and thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you also for the free pattern :)

  6. I’ve got all versions of the movie! But I have not seen the play. I wish I could someday. I miss going to plays and the ballet. Every Christmas, the girls and I would see ‘Nutcracker’ on stage.

    I’ve never done dresden plates; maybe now’s the time. Thanks for the info.

  7. Impulsively because my 12 year old granddaughter loves Phantom of the Opera when i say the fabric I spent $115. Now I need to make something before her 13th birthday in May with it. I have never made the Dresden Fan pattern or any thing that elaborate but I have to do something with this fabric now. So I thank you very much for coming up with this pattern. I sure hope I’m up to it. I need to leave the computer now and get started I have 2 months to learn a new technique alone and make this labor of love.

  8. I have seen the stage production 11 times and have never tired of it. My daughters and I went to the theater every Sunday when the movie was playing. It was a special thing for us to do together. Of course, we all have the DVD of the movie and I have recently recorded the anniversary special on PBS from the Royal Albert Hall. The music was my first love and continues to be my favorite.

  9. Love that show! My community handbell choir, Brasstown Ringers, also plays a really cool arrangement of the tunes.

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  12. WOW!!! you’ve a quilt for Phantom of the Opera – my DREAM theater show!? I cant wait to sit in the theater to watch this live in London!

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