Just in time for….

….. some holiday baking!  Look at the fabrics I get to play with in a couple of weeks after I ship out two quilts that I have been working on!!!  These are fabrics from RJR‘s Sugar Rush collection….

All the fun imaginable and more, but with zero calories!!!   What do you say about that?  Have you started baking yet?

Happy Monday, Everyone!  I hope you have a great week ahead.  I will be sporadic as I am determined to pack in as much fun time making Christmas memories with my little one as possible.  She is in such a dear and sweet age right now…. I don’t want to miss out on memory-making opportunities! :)  Hugs to you all!

16 thoughts on “Just in time for….

  1. The cookie fabric is my favorite, and the colors are so luscious! I’ve had a great weekend! Spent almost all of yesterday rearranging the sewing room because… I got a new embroidery/sewing machine! Its the Viking Topaz 20. I’ve never had a embroidery hoop for a machine this big!!! The 5×7 I’m used to using would fit inside the hoop of this new machine, its 9×12 Had to move everything around to make room for the hoop and the embroidery arm. Hope everyone has a good week ahead!

  2. Yum, It would be awfully hard to not like that sugar free delight. I’ll be anxious to see what you stir up. I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  3. OIKS! I am making aprons for my (grown-up) daughter and her 2 little ones right now! They play “restaurant” and have one do the cooking and one do the tasting, just like on TV. They even have “iron chef” cookoffs – I think that’s so cute! So, my daughter asked me to make them aprons with baking & food stuff on ’em, but I couldn’t find anything that was suitable for both a girl and a boy, so I’ve resorted to embroidery. And now, here is just what I was looking for, too late for me tho. Ah well……I’m sure you’ll do something sweet with it!

    For YEARS, it’s been my tradition to bake with my daughters, then just on my own when they went out on their own, and take plates & plates of cookies to all the neighbors….but, alas, no longer. This year (for the first time), I’m just planning on making 2 plates of fudge & pralines. OK, maybe 3. Should be LOTS easier and take just a fraction of the time!! Leaves more time for sewing. :)

  4. That fabric looks delish – I know you will do it justice! Good for you on concentrating on making memories – that’s the really important stuff, dear girl!

  5. Now I’m hungry and no really sweet thing to be found. Some of the fabric looked 3D, or maybe I’m just really needing a sugar fix. Can’t wait to see what you make with the fabric.

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