Fons & Porter Love of Quilting TV Shows Series 1800

Some of you might recall my sharing about Joseph’s Pinwheels being featured not only in Fons and Porter‘s Love of Quilting magazine, but also on their TV show.

Image source: Fons and Porter

I received my complimentary copy of the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1800 Series DVD last week, and didn’t have time to watch it till about an hour ago.  While my little one was taking a nap, I spent about 30 minutes watching the “Joseph’s Pinwheels” episode.  It is rather surreal listening to Marianne Fons and daughter talk about my quilt.

Anyway, the DVD for all the Love of Quilting episodes aired this year is out.  You can order the 2-disc DVD set here if you wish to.

Since Joseph’s Pinwheels is a quilt of many colors, I thought I would also share with you a Color Studies packet offered by my friend Sandy.  Sandy is one of the first Americans who befriended me when I was fresh off the boat coming to America waaaay back in 1994.  I am generally not good at keeping in touch, but Sandy and I have managed to not go too long without re-establishing contact.  Sandy paints beautifully, and the last I check, she was working on her first quilt!!  Anyway, that’s my pubic announcement for the day.  Click here to view details.

I am still dealing with Thanksgiving aftermath at my end.  Today I am putting up my Fall dishes, and replace the cabinets with my Christmas dishes.  How are things looking at your end?

Later alligator!

15 thoughts on “Fons & Porter Love of Quilting TV Shows Series 1800

  1. So happy for you and for your success! What an honor. That is also a very sweet little quilt.

    I have gotten all the Christmas decorations out and up and am almost finished with my Christmas shopping too. Just a few more items to go. I want to sit back and take in all the goodness and joy of the season.

    Happy days to you,

  2. I really like Joseph’s Pinwheels, good name for a colorful! I got my Christmas tree decorated but still working on a tree skirt. Got all the appliquing done but have cording and a ruffle to do.

  3. What fun to find yourself and your work on the screen. I was out and just had to buy the Starry Pursuit magazine. Does this make me an official Ivory Spring groupie ? :-)

  4. What a cheerful quilt. You must have loved putting that one together. It’s a champion!

    Meanwhile, I’m practising your feathers that you showed so clearly how to do. Could you talk about threads on the back and how you keep ends under control. Do you tie as you go? Do you never have ends? Do you start off the quilt? You can see I’m digging deep here. I’ve been a handquilter, and want to be able to do those feathers, so you have converted me….almost!

  5. Congratulations on being part of the F&P DVD! I love Joseph’s Pinwheels. My GS is named Joseph and I am working on his second special quilt, a UFO farm fabric stack-n-whack twin size quilt. He has physically grown out of the large baby quilt I made 5 yrs ago. Your quilt is great on color and pattern for a baby.
    Looking forward to more Christmas blogs from you. So glad you had a wonderful family reunion for your Thanksgiving weekend.
    donna j from Kansas
    PS…didn’t get to congratulate you on the Starry Pursuit quilt…how great for you, too!

  6. Congratulations! It’s no surprise, though, because your quilts deserve to be seen everywhere. Every single one of your quilts are just gorgeous and one of a kind. Your blocks are unique, your appliques are perfect, and your quilting is sensational.

    Show us more of your Christmas dishes and decorations; I like to drool over them. ^o^

  7. What a thrill it must be to hear them speak of your quilt. It really is a beauty.

    I am slowly switching over to Christmas around here too. It is a great season.

  8. I remember seeing that episode! It was cool hearing about it. I’ve been getting ready for my son’s birthday party. I thought it would be easy but I guess I’ve been proven wrong. Love your place settings! :D

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