Thanksgiving Smocking: Part 1

Hi Friends, please don’t hate me…. I have been anti-social, deliberately!  I spent most of the weekend working on smocking Miss Baby’s Thanksgiving dress.  I made great strides – only a couple of rows left.  I am really striving for this dress to happen for our Thanksgiving weekend!

The fabric is from Woodrow Studio’s (England) The Magic of Christmas.  I love the richness of the fabric print.  Miss Baby is finally old enough to wear a dress made with a non-baby-ish fabric print.  I have to be honest – I have mixed feelings about that.  On one hand, I rejoice that my little one has grown, but on the other hand, I feel a bit helpless not being able to stop the time from swishing by me!  Nonetheless, the smocking sessions I squeezed in over the weekend were sweet moments for me.

I am going to be really scarce this week.  I have the dress to finish, and a new magazine quilt to complete!  Our second round of company is descending on us later this week.  I have an entire Thanksgiving feast to cook for – turkey, fixin’s and the entire range of desserts as our guests are coming out of town.  I will try to visit and respond to your comments (emails) as time allows.  I wish you a blessed week – despite the crazy busy-ness.  Blessings to you all!


21 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Smocking: Part 1

  1. I love those dark, rich colours. The touch of gold is gorgeous and I think you’re wise to make a dress that says ‘holidays’, not just ‘turkey’ or ‘ho-ho-ho’. :) I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous when you’re done.

  2. Sounds like your holiday season is starting off with a bang! No reply is necessary but just wanted to say “Keep those needles flying and do absorb as many of these growing up days of Miss Baby. Believe me when I say you’ll enjoy remembering them all when you get old. Here’s wishing you and yours a glorious Thanksgiving weekend and bless you all!.

  3. Ooh pretty. That fabric is luscious. (don’t take precious time to respond). Have a great Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for enjoying your blog this year,

  4. Wendy, I received my quilter’s rulers today. I had ordered the small rectangle and the small curved rulers to try. I’m planning on trying them out this afternoon. Thanks for your info!

    Miss Baby’s dress is adorable. When my girls were little our neighbor would always buy them dresses that were smocked for their birthday’s and for Christmas, They were so adorable and they loved to do it because they had never had children. The fabric is lovely. Once again, more that you do so perfectly.

  5. I love smocking, but never tried it. My Grandmother make smocked dresses for myself and my cousin when we were little. I’m now 65 and Sandra Ann is 70……grin.

    The dress is going to be lovely.

  6. Gorgeous, and enjoy every minute with Miss Baby my Baby is going to be 32 next month time flys by so fast.
    No need to respond Have a Blessed day with family and friends.
    Hugs and enjoy.

  7. That is stunning, Wendy! And dear one, you have enough going on, please please please don’t even begin to answer comments or emails until next week – just enjoy your family!

  8. Wendy, the dress will be precious! Most people are just glad to be together so make things simple. Take a long slow deep breath and now go have fun; enjoy the company and the holiday! Chris

  9. This dress is going to be a beauty Wendy. What fun for Miss Baby to wear it. Looks like if Thanksgiving drips on her here and there it won’t be noticeable!

  10. Wendy,
    I told our DIL that once she’s feeling this way about her boy, it’s time for another one……….think about that!
    I love the dress for Miss Baby. Hope your holiday was great.

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