From Thimbleberries to Thimbleberries

Happy Veterans Friday, Friends!  I want to thank you all for the great responses for my Starry Pursuit quilt.  WOW!  I am just now wading through the comments and emails.

I showed you a few days ago my “Home is where the QUILT is quilt” in Quilter’s World’s December 2011 issue, made with Thimbleberries’ Harvest Homecoming fabrics.

I am getting ready to work on more Thimbleberries fabrics!! YAY! The fabrics you see here are from Thimbleberries’ Pressed Flowers collection, an upcoming collection.

I should be working on the million things on my to-do list today. But I got this brilliant idea of sorting through all the leftover fabrics from the quilts I have made this year, with Miss Baby trying to help. Enough said…. You can imagine the chaos! And to top it all off, I am supposed to be cleaning for company. What was I thinking???

13 thoughts on “From Thimbleberries to Thimbleberries

  1. Love the new fabric. I hope miss Baby was rolling around in the fabric. My 31 year old remembers me taking her to fabric stores or as she says dragging her to fabric stores when she was little. Miss Baby will say you were always sewing but she will be happy you sew for her and her friends.

  2. Carol in Arkansas

    Wendy, I remember when we took our first free motions class together. You just continue to shine and teach me more and more. I look forward to your daily message. My daughter used to buy her toddler a fat quarter when they fabric shopped. What a treat!!!Thanks for your inspiration.

  3. Quilting Forever
    Housework whenever….maybe.
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.
    (actually, I have a house keeper who comes every two weeks. Am I spoiled or what? My house would never be clean otherwise!) :)

    Have fun with the new thimbleberries. Love the colors and know you will make an amazing quilt with it.

  4. I suggest you skip the cleaning and switch your lightbulbs out for lower wattage. Your guests won’t be able to see whether you’ve cleaned or not, and you get to keep on quilting — it’s a win-win! :-)

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