Starry Pursuit made COVER!!

My Starry Pursuit quilt made the cover of Fons & Porter‘s Easy Quilt (Winter 2011)!

I am over the moon and… stars.  After all, the quilt is called Starry Pursuit!

I was told Starry Pursuit actually went to Quilt Market in Houston last month, and was warmly received.  The editor warned me to not be surprised if it returns to me with an attitude! :)

The quilt was to be shipped back to me asap so that I can take some close-up pictures to share with you… turns out it is going to stay in Des Moine, Iowa for just a little longer.  I am going to have a “show and tell by proxy” at Linda‘s Des Moine Modern Quilt Guild meeting on November 17, meeting at 6:30om at At the Heart of Quilting, 315 5th St. (Valley Junction), West Des Moines!  They would love for you to drop by.  If you live in the area and feel like joining a quilting group… check out Des Moine Modern Quilt Guild!  Plus you get to see my quilt, front AND back! :)

I will wait till I do a proper post on Starry Pursuit to share with you why I had picked the name for the quilt.  Until then, take care!

43 thoughts on “Starry Pursuit made COVER!!

  1. This is gorgeous and I love the design/colors. I do not know how you have all this time and energy with a little girl to do these quilts!! You are amazing!

  2. Oh Wendy, it is just lovely. The colors are wonderful and the little black center pinwheel star just sets off the whole pattern. And the quilting is a great companion. Feathers are my very favorite quilting motif. They picked a beautiful “cover girl”! Isn’t it exciting?!

  3. So love the quilting on this one. Bought the latest “Quilter” mag too, to have an up close look. I love your style. I am in the process of pouring over your thread talk once again. I want to try the swirls on my next quilt. Really appreciate your sharing. Thanks for showing the backs of your quilts. It really helps to see what can go where. Always look forward to your “bloggings”. Dont know where i would be if quilter people didnt share and encourage. Keep well and continue to have fun in all that you do!

  4. Congratulations on another published quilt AND making the cover! My issue just came in the mail yesterday and we were out all day so I haven’t taken a look at it yet and had just glanced at the cover this morning before going to catch up on blog reading. Now I know I MUST take this with me as we run more errands today so I can see your new beauty!

    I love the quilting you did on this one, I will be studying it closely for inspiration because I now need to get started on quilting the pile of projects that I’ve been growing all year.

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