A sigh of relief…

Happy Friday to you, dear Friends. I have a pillow request from my sister. So I will be flipping through “Quilt A Gift” this weekend for ideas. I recently came across Barri Sue Gaudet‘s work – she makes the most adorable things!

I just came through a pattern-instructions-writing marathon! I was totally wound up in the last 36 hours doing calculations on fabric cutting schemes, and writing up instructions for quite a few quilt designs — my brain is officially FRIED! It’s not hard writing just one quilt design, but when there is a whole string of designs… my mind (and the computer) started to play tricks on me. I will alert you when those patterns become available.

Now I simply must go and deal with the aftermath of my marathon! You have a great weekend now – see you again Monday!

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11 thoughts on “A sigh of relief…

  1. Oh, my….I think fried and scrambled might be a grand description of that marathon. I have enough problems calculating and figuring one. enjoy your weekend….take a walk and relax.

  2. Writing up patterns IS hard work. I commend you on your skill and bravery!
    Will look up Barri Sue’s webpage. Hope your weekend is easier.

  3. Just figuring how to do a block on graph paper drains my brain. Rest up, girl; go have a nice weekend. I’m off to an art show today to refill my brain.

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