Candy Corn Jumper (Children’s Corner’s Lucy Variation #4)

I used leftovers from (click on the links to view more pictures of the quilts)…

1. Autumn Hues

2. Pumpkin Patch Runner

3. Joseph’s Pinwheels

[Photo credit: Fons & Porter]

4. Baby Steps

… to make a “Candy Corn” Jumper for Miss Baby, using Children’s Corner Lucy pattern.

This is the fourth Lucy I have made — oh, I can just see Miss Baby telling sob stories about how she is  dressed in only a couple of styles. :)  Jokes aside, I highly recommend “Lucy” to anyone sewing for little girls. The pattern affords itself to many possibilities, as evident from the Candy Corn Jumper and the other Lucy’s I have made.  You can see in the following picture the back of the candy corn jumper:

If you are interested in making one, the vertical proportions are as such: 25% cream, 50% orange, and 25% yellow of the overall length (0.25L for cream, 0.5L for orange and 0.5L for yellow, L being the total overall length).

Unlike the previous Lucy’s I made, I added piping around the neck and armholes. I wasn’t sure if I was up to the task, but I think I did alright.

Then, feeling a bit adventurous, I also added ruffles following the instructions. Again, I was a bit hesitant doing that because I know just enough to get in trouble, but not enough to get out of trouble. I went ahead and tried it, knowing my personal sewing guru Annelle is only a phone call away…

My friend Twila found this adorable cat machine embroidery design for me. It’s great to have sewing friends who are willing to help me out anytime I ask. When Miss Baby saw her dress, she exclaimed ” I like cat, I like cat, I like cat!”

I tried the jumper on her after I was finished with the construction. She wouldn’t let me take it off because she wanted to show it to my husband after work. So, with markings still on the jumper, she wore it proudly to greet her Father at the door. He then took her to the store, with her wearing that jumper with markings and all! I guess we can safely say I scored a winner there. :)  Total money spent: $2.75 for the buttons – fabrics were strictly leftovers!  Talk about winning! :)

It’s back to work for me. I have quite a few quilt samples in the queue that I have to bring to fruition! I do want to thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely weekend.  Meanwhile, if you have a granddaughter/daughter you feel like spoiling… a Lucy jumper, anyone?


22 thoughts on “Candy Corn Jumper (Children’s Corner’s Lucy Variation #4)

  1. Oh I love your candy corn Lucy dress…great job and nice embroidery on it..your friend did a great job for you….I am sure Miss Baby will always wear it proudly….you better think of something fast for the holidays though or she will want to wear it for Christmas..heheheh…maybe a litte gingerbread girl or a little elf….heheheh..blessings

  2. This is a reply not just to Wendy but all her friends on her blog. First of all Wendy is just the best friend you could ask for!! She is such a giving young woman and I find it a blessing to know her. Now to her sewing- this lady did not know how to sew at all when I first met her- and I am telling you she is quick to learn !! Lucy is a great pattern but for her to add the different widths of fabric without anyone holding her hand makes me so proud of her- She works so hard to make everything just perfect and that is how it always turns out. It is adorable Wendy – so proud of you. Did Gwendolyn want to sleep in it last night?? love ya

  3. Darling! I love that you say you know “just enough to get yourself in trouble, but not enough to get yourself OUT of it!” You’re too modest.

    This Lucy pattern looks like a winner — I’ve been hoarding some fabric leftovers that might make up really well into a dress like this for my neice. Hmmm…

  4. It really did turn out perfectly! I love the candy corn look to it. You did a beautiful job on it and yes, she will probably let you know her feelings someday, but will do the same to her children!!! I love the additional ruffle you added to it.

    After you mentioned the candy corn hat I researched patterns online and have been knitting away. They are so darn cute, but I like the hat you have paired with the dress better. It might have been too much candy corn.

  5. Love the end result. It is sooo cute! I can see why Miss Baby likes it. And, what she is going to remember when she grows up is that her mommy cared enough about her to make her special creations that she would love. My mom made clothes for me even up to when I was living 400 miles away in St Louis. I had long since (unfortunately) outgrown the last nightgown she made me, but still have the little carry-all bag she made out of the leftovers. I will never forget my last “outfit” and will love her forever for it.
    Take care. That was a sweet tribute that Annelle gave you!
    donna j

  6. PS….Just went to the link to see “baby steps”. How cute was that?!!
    I have 3new girl grandbabies and am yet to make their quilts. but you have just inspired in me a new idea to use the leftover pastel cottons I will have from the 3 quilts. My 3 daughter/daughters-in-law will absolutely love this idea, too.
    donna j

  7. Your sewing is alway impressive Wendy – what a lucky Baby to have you to sew for her. Enjoy it – once they get to their teens – they have minds of their own !!

  8. The jumper is so adorable – and the little black ruffle on the bottom is perfect. You really must have a winner since Miss Baby wouldn’t take it off – so sweet! Are you having this crazy weather today like we are? Snow, before Halloween? Unbelievable! I plan to stay in and sew all weekend! o:)

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