Quilt and Dishes meet…

… on my Mums the Word quilt.

If you have known me for any length of time, you would know that I am a dish-aholic!  Playing with my dishes is super fun for me.   My “me alone” play time has greatly diminished in the last year or so due to an increased workload and more attention needed for Miss Baby — playing with my dishes hasn’t been something I have done much at all of late. Although I know there is a season for everything, I do miss my dish-playing time.

While Miss Baby was having a date with the z-monster one afternoon last week, I decided to play a bit to experiment with some possible ideas for my Thanksgiving table.   In the ensemble below, I used an Armetale platter as the charger, and layered with a spongeware dinner plate, a Spode Cabinet Collection accent plate, a Portuguese Majolica leaf bowl, and a pumpkin.

Everything you see is old except for the spongeware plate and pumpkin.  Miss Baby picked out the “baby pucket” from one quick grocery run with my husband recently.  The spongeware plate is form the pieces I had purchased from a New England potter not too long ago.  These spongeware peices go nicely with my other autumn dishes by adding a bit of primitive feel amidst all the flourishes and swirls.

Here you see Mums on the quilt as well as on the accent plate:

I was playing away, and then I heard, “Mama, a-tairs”… translation: Mama, time for me to go downstairs.   My play time was up.  I  had thought about using my Mums the Word quilt for our Thanksgiving tablecloth, but I think I have decided against it due to the amount of quilting I have done on it.  I think I would rather use it as a display quilt, rather than a quilt for use.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures…  and if you have any fun ideas to share about Thanksgiving tablesettings,  I am all ears (rather, “eyes” since I will be reading your comments, and not hearing them! ;))


14 thoughts on “Quilt and Dishes meet…

  1. I think we could be twins, I love your quilts and now I find out you love dishes as well. I love collecting them and using them, I used to keep them for “good” but a much wiser friend asked me why I wasn’t good enough to use them and now I use them just because.

  2. Just catching up on some of your posts here and I am loving your latest projects. I think I want to come to YOUR house for Thanksgiving. I haven’t even begun to think about the tables, but yours looks terrific.

  3. Love that accent plate! Well you know me and the fun I have with my dishes. I don’t have a little one around and I’ve not been able to play much with my dishes either. Seasons….for sure!

  4. I have a set of dishes I’ve never used. Sad, isn’t it? I think I’ll pull them out-not for Thanksgiving because DIL is cooking-but like Jackie says…just because :)
    Wendy, thank you for all the wonderful inspiration.

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