A bit of Oriental fun!

The start of another new quilt involves these beautiful prints from Blank Quilting‘s Asian Mist collection.

I especially love the cranes in this focal print fabric, and am planning something a little “pecial” (that’s how my Miss Baby says “special”) around the fabric theme.

Incidentally, cranes (including the red-crowned cranes) are quite the celebrity birds in Japan, making their appearances in many aspects of Japanese culture.  Their mating habit of only having one partner for life is the reason for the cranes being symbolic of unity in marriage.   Artistic renditions of cranes are often seen on a bride’s obi or kimono patterns.  The legend that cranes live for a thousand years also makes the cranes to symbolize health and longevity in the Oriental culture.  How interesting!

Curious mind wants to know…. are you a fan of Oriental-themed fabrics or home decorations?  What kind of Oriental fabrics do you find attractive?

24 thoughts on “A bit of Oriental fun!

  1. I like those fabrics! I have oriental red toile chairs in my living room and a beautiful black lacquer cabinet that belonged to my in-laws. Unfortunately, the chair fabric I selected was more suited to drapery than upholstery and will have to go very soon due to the depredations of one small Jack Russell and two messy adult humans.

  2. I lived in Japan for three years and fell in love with all aspects of their culture. Especially the fabrics, objects of art, vases, everything. They are all symbolic of health and happiness, everything you mentioned. Your fabrics shown, I’m salivating!

  3. I am crazy for all thngs oriental. just finished a wall hanging that was judged as too busy. So I will try again on a quilt for my bed ps busy or not my oriental quilt is hanging on my wall in the living room

  4. My fabric choices are the 1800’s Civil War or Kansas Troubles.

    When I lived in Jupiter, Fl on 5 acres on the edge of the welands we had Sandhill Cranes nest in the wetlands every year. They were year round residences, their calls were quite loud. The males (I assume as they were slightly larger) were friendly and I could walk up to them with sunflower seeds in my hand and they would take it, they were so use to me that they came up to the deck to wait for a hand out before going back to the edge of the yard and feast out of the bird feeder. I sure miss them now that I live in the NW.

  5. That is very interesting about Cranes. Asian prints aren’t the first prints I’d be drawn to. These fabrics look like they’ll be interesting together…

  6. I am attracted to the oriental prints but I’mnot a fan of all the gold in them so I look for oriental fabrics with out the gold hard to find but beautiful

  7. The Oriental prints are ones that I’m always drawn to and absolutely can’t resist. I love the metallic nature of so many of them, love the designs, love the colours — love everything about them!!
    Ages and ages ago when I was doing origami, I started down the road to fold 1,000 cranes. Never quite made it, but they were fun!

  8. Dear Wendy: I love Oriental fabric and decor. I used to visit my dad and stepmom in California in the 60’s and she used a lot of it – tastefully. I actually have their beautiful 4 panel screen and it is in my dining room now. I bought a nice piece of fabric at the last shop hop I went to, but haven’t made anything using it yet. It will be great to see what you do with the lovely fabric in this post.

    I am a longarm quilter and love the quilting you do – such an inspiration!

    The very best to you and “Miss Baby”. Judy Beesing, Marshfield, WI

  9. Hello Wendy
    I love oriental fabrics too and have been stashing some away for quite a while.
    I especially love the ones with metallic running through them and the prints of koi carp. dragons, cranes and the pretty floral ones.
    The fabrics are so gorgeous it’s almost scary to cut into them !
    Can’t wait to see what you will do with yours – I’m sure it will be fabulous. xx

  10. Even though I’m not a fan of most oriental fabrics, I have a couple pieces of this grouping above, some in other colors. The colors are so rich! One I used for my inspiration fabric for my World of Blossoms blocks.

  11. The fabrics you are using look very dreamy, look forward to seeing what you’ll do with them.

    I have an oriental fabric “haven’t started yet” project that I look forward to getting to one day. Funny thing is the design I am doing them in was originally done in 30s fabrics but for some reason I “saw it” working better in the oriental prints. It was fun choosing and stashing those fabrics for the project and I have to say some of the geometric patterns make great stash blenders.

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  13. I love Asian fabrics and use them often.
    I live in Massachusetts and the Peabody Essex Museum has a special connection to China. They even have a complete Chinese house to tour!
    If you ever find yourself near here, do take the time for a visit.
    Enjoy your e-mails very much.

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