Virtual Trunk Show #2: Autumn

I grew up in Southeast Asia where there is only one season, for all practical purposes – a long and never ending summer! We do get a slightly cooler rainy season toward the end of the year, but for the most part, it is hot and humid all year round. You can imagine the sense of novelty when I first experienced for the first time the colder seasons in the Northern Hemisphere after I came to the States.   Over the years, the autumn season has become a special one for me…

1. Tuscan Leaves (Fabric Trends, Fall 2011)

2. Baskets Full of Apples (Quilter’s World, October 2009)

3. Cascade of Leaves (Quilter’s World, October 2010)

4. Autumn Placemats (Quilter’s World, October 2011)

5. Thanksgiving Topper (Quilter’s World, October 2011)

6. Sentimentally Yours (The Quilter, November 2009)

7. Scattered Leaves (The Quilter, Cover Quilt, November 2010)

8. Spice Garden (The Quilter, August/September 2011)

9. Mums the Word (The Quilter, October/November 2011)

10. Autumn Hues (Modern Log Cabins, House of White Birches, September 2011)

11. Pumpkin Patch Runner (Modern Log Cabins, House of White Birches, September 2011)

12. Miss Baby’s Pumpkin Patch Smocked Bishop

13. Miss Baby’s Fall Leaves Dress

14.  Miss Baby’s Fall Apple Jumper

15.  Miss Baby’s personal pumpkin


The glories of autumn infuse my heart with much thankfulness as my mind starts to reflect on the months and even years past.  To me, autumn is more than the glorious golden foliage outside the window, it is a season of much reflection within.

“… Count your blessings, name them one by one;  Count your blessings, see what God hath done.  Count your blessings, name them one by one; Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.”

Text: Johnson Oarman, Jr., Melody: Edwin O. Excell


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21 thoughts on “Virtual Trunk Show #2: Autumn

  1. Lovely quilts! And so are the baby dresses. Miss Baby will have lots of beautiful heirlooms when she grows up. Take care and God Bless You and Your little Family, too!

  2. Beautiful colours and quilting. I as well love this time of year, cooler weather and gorgeous colours. This weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving and we were so fortunate to have all the kids home. The weather was fantastic, we had lots of food and had a great time together so I have many blessings.

  3. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful quilts. God has blessed you with a great talent and you share it so bountifully. Thank you. I just love the little pumpkin you made also. Do you have a pattern or a tutorial for making that? I love the way you made the top of it. Take care and have a blessed Fall.

  4. Beautiful photos, fabulous stitching! God is so good to us. My mother passed away week ago yesterday. In the last few years she had lost feeling in her hands because of nueropathy, she was avid cross-stitcher. I found something that she had written in her bible, ” I lose use of my hands more everyday but thank God I can still read”, with the verse 1Peter5:10; that talks about preserving with patience in suffering like the prophets did. I am so grateful for all the things she taught me, even to preserve and find happiness in other things.

  5. Beautiful, Wendy. You are a blessing to me for the inspiration you give. I hope to be much better with my blog in the near future. I don’t see how you do it with deadlines. And a baby! The one I’m on now is about to drive me insane. Thanks for all your posts and pics!

  6. Fall is a beautiful time of year especially in the midwest. Now that I am living in Texas I miss the change of seasons with the beautiful display of fall foliage.

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