Birds and Bees: Final Sneak Peek

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you are well.  Things have been absolutely chaotic at my end as I tried to all the plates spinning without mishap!  I managed to finish Birds and Bees and send it off to the editor.  As you can see, the birds have descended…

I only had time to take a couple of pictures, and only one turn out!  The birdie does look rather striking against the blue though, doesn’t it?  That’s about the shade of blue the sky over here has been exhibiting this week!  Weather is simply gorgeous… which means I have got to run.  Miss Baby is ready to go build her sand castle  — with bark in the playground!  Will try to take a picture to show you.  Have a super special weekend!  See you again on Friday.

11 thoughts on “Birds and Bees: Final Sneak Peek

  1. I sure think your birdie is cute. Guess what? I saw your polka dotted pinwheel quilt featured on Fons and Porter this morning, I hollered out “Hey, that’s Wendy’s quilt!!” to Larry. Pretty cool, Wendy!

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