A tale of two “Mayus”

Color scheme is a fascinating subject to me.  Sometimes with just a little play, one could get a totally different look.  I am using the following two quilts as an example.  They are both made with fabrics from Blank Quilting’s Mayu collection.

#1  Thanksgiving Topper —  colorwise, I just picked out the neutral colors that matched the focal print fabric.

#2  Spice Garden — same focal print, but with an addition of unexpected green! A totally different look.

See what I mean?  I think color play is just so fun! :)  Now, it’s your turn to tell me how you like to use colors in your quilts or any home decorating projects.  Are you one of those who likes everything to match, or are you one of those who likes to throw in something totally unexpected just to make the color scheme a bit spicy?

Thanks for stopping by.  Let me hear from you!  Blessings to you all.

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16 thoughts on “A tale of two “Mayus”

  1. I used to worry over color a lot. Then one of my quilt teachers said that the only person my quilt had to please was me! Now, we all make quilts for other people but that statement was really freeing. If I love the colors then the quilt is a joy to work on. So, I tend to choose colors by my gut. I throw everything up on a design wall, step back and pick what speaks to me. If it makes me happy–it will make someone else happy. I love the unexpected so there is usually a zinger thrown for fun.

  2. They’re both gorgeous quilts — and I really like the one with the addition of the green.
    When I pick out fabrics for a quilt, I tend to just put a stack on the ironing board, take a photo and leave the photo up on my computer for a bit. If nothing jumps out as horribly out of place, then I play with them all.

  3. I love lots of color, the more the better. Too matchy and I get bored. I do use the same technique to find a color way that you use. Focus fabric and pick fabrics to blend with it. I still have that old rule in my head….use a light, a dark, a bright and everything else will work.

  4. I’m with Debbie — I have learned about myself that I’m a more-is-more person when it comes to color, in both quilting and home decor (but not clothing; my wardrobe is mostly black, red and brown).

    I find that, although I admire other people’s work using calm/neutral palettes, if I don’t use more color in my own projects I end up getting bored and not finishing the project (if it’s a quilt) or quickly tiring of the the room I decorated “safely” and wanting to redo everything. So my “rule” is, throw all the fabrics around on a table, look at them with the reducing glass to see what does or doesn’t jump out, make adjustments based on emotional impulses instead of based on rules or color theory, and go with what I love. I do like to have some contrast or tension, and I do try to vary the scale and textures if I’m mixing a lot of patterns in one room. With quilting I don’t worry as much about pattern scale.

  5. I love both of these quilts–and I really like the blank of all things –really makes this quilt–PoP with color! Excellent colors. Blessings for the week and weekend.

  6. I wish I could think outside the box like you do so well. I like your beautiful surprises; they have a knockout punch to them. It’s a boring life to live ‘in the box’ and I’ve lived there for so long I’m having a hard time moving out.

  7. I like both quilts, too. But the one with the green added has more ”Zing!” to it.
    I like a lot of color to my quilts and my favorite color to add is black. Black ignites the other colors. Matching sets of fabrics are ok but can quickly become boring without something to spice it up, as you said.
    Thanks for the time you spend with us! And Blessings also to you.
    donna j

  8. I didn’t even realize at first that both quilts use the same floral fabric! Love how you created two totally different looks. I think I am a mix — I like some things matching and traditional but other things with a pleasant surprise to them.

  9. I didn’t even realize the focal fabric was the same one. I tend to have everything match and am very intimidated with fabric patterns. I usually use everything from the same fabric line and while I have a fabric stash I hesitate mixing things up if there is any pattern in the fabric.

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