Jane Ellen Smocking: almost there!

I stitched the last geometric stitch on Jane Ellen over the weekend.  I am just so super pleased with the variegated thread effect that I have to show you.  I do apologize for the crude picture…  but you now get to see what a smocked dress looks like in the “ugly duckling” stage.  Oh, please also excuse the safety pin – I have to leave it there to mark the dress center for when I add some embroidery:

I decided to leave the “bars” out that you see in the original Jane Ellen plate (toward the bottom part of the smocking).   You will see the difference by comparing this original plate with the picture above.

All I have left are some back smocking & embroidered flowers, and it will be ready for me to work my sewing klutziness to try turning the dress into a “swan”.  Stay tuned! :)

p.s.  Annelle, for sure you will be getting questions on this one! :)

20 thoughts on “Jane Ellen Smocking: almost there!

  1. That is some fantastic job! I’ve never tried smocking, but my grandmother smocked dresses for me and my cousin about 60 years ago. OMGosh I’m old. I told my Grandson, who says I walk like an old lady, that I was as old as dirt. He thought maybe dirt wasa little older….grin.

  2. So pretty, Wendy. Your design looks good without the bars, and the variegated thread gives the design so much dimension. You make me miss smocking. As I looked at this, I could almost feel myself taking those lovely embroidery stitches again. Oh, to have a wee girl!

  3. Beautiful colors! I love seeing the “in process” and would love to know how it’s actually done. I will Google that – LOL! I saw a little girl with a smocked dress while on vacation and thought of you o:)

  4. Lovely! I have managed to stay away from smocking, but I have felt it drawing me in for several years…..luckily, no one carries the pleaters in stores, at least that I have seen – or I definitely would have purchased one by now! I know if I ever put one in my hands……..

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