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I try to stick closely to practices my quilting teacher/mentor taught me because I think she is an excellent quilter! However, I have definitely back slided on the area of labeling my quilts. I am definitely not proud of it… you see, I used to do what my quilting teacher does. I embroidered pertinent information on my quilt labels and attached them to the back of my quilts.

More often than not nowadays, my quilts are shipped out in the nick of time. I haven’t yet have to finish up the binding in the car while driving to the post office, but sometimes it sure feels that way. Because of time, I have abandoned labeling my quilts. My only consolation is that I at least will have the magazines that feature my quilts for reference.

Enter Quilt Album – developed for quilters who want to easily document their quilts. Just look at all the information one can add beyond the basic information on the label, and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the fields. I like it because it is a secure and fun way to record information on the quilts I make.  With the information one can print album pages, quilt labels (!), greeting and business cards.  I quickly entered the information (AND picture) about my latest completed quilt Kittens in the Flowers when I got a few moments to spare the other day:

I have played with the software, and have liked it! For me, the main draw of Quilt Album is its capability of printing quilt labels. The other is that a quilter can easily generate her own quilt journal.  One can easily lose oneself in the software. I will definitely be extensively using Quilt Album as I organize my quilts this coming fall.

Check out Quilt Album‘s website if you haven’t heard of it. Quilt Album has generously offered a free copy of the software to my readers. If you are interested in the software, please leave a comment about the challenges you face in properly documenting your quilts.  Must share about the challenges to qualify.  Deadline is Sunday (9/18) 9pm EST. Before you leave, do read this amazing story about how a quilt is returned to the original owner. You said, “Wendy, so get busy and label your quilts!” And I say, “I am, and I will!”  Ciao for now.

82 thoughts on “Giveaway: Quilt Album

  1. How wonderful to have software for this endeavor, I make charity quilts and I would liek to keep track useing this software, but after the fire last week in our area aand my no income, i couldnt afford sucha wonderful thing. I would be honored to receive such a thing, it has many facets I would just adore to utilize. Thanks for the opportunity, keep on tracking please


  2. I love the idea of software that will both document my quilts and allow labels to be printed. I am slip-shod about documenting my quilts; basically I keep a photo on the computer and the pertinent details in my head. Not a good system. Would love the chance to try this software.

  3. I make embroidered label for most of my quilts but I also take photos when they are finished. I need to organize this file so the software would help me do that.
    Hug Bunny

  4. I often forget what batting I used on a quilt. There’s one now I’ve made and love it’s feel and look. I only wished I had remembered to label it so I can use this batting again. Because of this reason, I’ve only recently began to include this on the labels I make currently. I see on the software it’s listed. However I also see there are items I would of never thought to use. Most times, I’m like you, I get too excited I *actually* finished something and am running on the way out the door to give it away or show it off. Thanks for reviewing this and offering one as a give away.

  5. I cannot count the number of quilts I have made, nor describe the time, care and love put into each one, but I can say that I have spent less than 2 hours making 3 labels, only 3 labels in ten years. I even made a very detailed an personal memory quilt for my grandson, made an album documenting each ‘memory’ in the quilt and never thought of putting a label on his quilt.

    I have a new embroidery machine. I am going to look for label designs and start labeling my quilts. You never know when a tornado will take one away as in your story!

  6. Yes, label your quilts, please. It is not finished until it is labeled is my thought on this. I have been in charge of quilt show registration for 2 years. I am shocked at how many quilters would try to drop off an unlabeled quilt as an entry. With 200 quilts coming in for display, there was no way to remember who made that unlabeled quilt. Then I actually saw a lady pick up an ink pen, a cheap ballpoint ink pen, and write her name on the back of a quilt to get it entered. That did it…I began doing guild programs about labeling your quilts, and the importance of the story behind the quilt. I have taught classes on using a greeting card program to produce computer labels to print out and how to attach them to your quilt. So, I say this program, Quilt Album, is very much needed in the quilt world. I checked out the features, and think it is a winner.

  7. My challenge in documenting my quilts is taking the time to put in all the pertinent information. I created a document in Word to use, but it doesn’t include all the right fields and is constantly changing. I would love to use this software to have a consistent record of facts about my quilts.

  8. I read the story about the lost quilt. boy, you just never know how good a label is until something happens to the quilt.
    I have my moments about being good to put labels on. Other times not so much. I am not sure why. I definitely put labels on very quickly when I am giving the quilt away but when I keep it for myself, I just get lazy.
    I have been to that link before for the Quilt Album. I think it is an excellent idea.

  9. Years ago a sweet student in my mother’s home economics class gave her an art painting. It was beautifully done, a grove of autumn trees and a path. My mother loved it and was so touched by the gift. It now hangs in my home, and I too love it knowing how special it was to my mother. It would mean so much to that sweet girl, who was so generous, to know how much she touched our family. I can’t find her. I wonder about her… did she become an artist? She created an heirloom for us..
    Heirlooms… that’s what we make when we quilt. It is important that future generations know who we are; we do become a part of that family. Future owners of special quilts will want to know about us. They may want to thank our future generations for the warmth, joy, hope, love… that our quilts brought to them. That is the paramount reason why a quilt label is so important.

  10. I have been considering the Quilt Album software and would really like to use it. Because many of my quilts are appraised there is a real need to have a good record of them in case of a loss. I have attempted to set up my own spreadsheet, but it is a clumsy substitute at best.

  11. one of the challenges I face for labeling my quilts is its often years since I started it and I can’t find all the pertinent info. I often make up ufo’s when there is a spur of the moment gift needed but the label is often lacking ininfo. I think this program will be great to help me keep track of my ufos

  12. LIke you, I don’t take time to make the label because I’m off to the next quilt that needs my attention. Never enough time! This sounds like it would make the job more manageable to get all the information loaded to add to the label.

  13. This software looks great. And computer technology makes it so easy to do. Ravelry works for my knitting projects. Right now my blog and photos is the only way I have of documenting my quilts. I would be good to get organized. And the labeling. I’m so poor at that. But I know the importance of it and like you want to get them all done.
    Thanks for the chance to win this software.

  14. I have yet to find an easy and convenient way to label my quilts. The fabric I used last time seemed very stiff to me and took away from the quilt itself. Maybe this software would help remedy that! Thanks

  15. I usually label my quilts and take pictures. But I fail to keep anything organized. My camera and computer skills have improved the last few years…but I still have bits and pieces of info on each quilt in a notebook and I need to get that straightened out. This program would be great to have…right on the computer! Thanks for the chance!

  16. One of the most difficult things about making labels for my quilts is coming up with a name for the quilt. Then when I finally settle on a name, the method of getting this info on fabric stops me in my tracks. I love beautiful scripts and write calligraphy fairly well, but the available pens and inks don’t work on fabric.

  17. Seems by the time I am finally finished with the quilt., I am so ready to go to the next project and don’t think about labeling . Think it woulod be a great idea to heave this software… Thanks for all you do. Twila

  18. I always make a label for my quilts but unfortunately, journaling them fell by the wayside years ago, especially the ones that were given away. This would be a wonderful tool. I have pictures of most of my quilts. With this program, I could reconstruct what I should have been doing all along.

  19. This program is exactly what I need. I have gone paperless for almost everything and have pictures of all my quilts, but no place to record all this info. My labels are usually stitched on, but I write with Permanent Fabric pen–not very professional! Thank you for this opportunity to record my treasures!

  20. This soft ware would be great to have! I tend to forget to label my quilts, so some of the details of the making of them get forgotten over the years. Sometimes I wonder what kind of batting I used, and where I found a great quilting motif from, so it would be useful for keeping records.

  21. I label my quilts most of the time but forget to record where I got the pattern, challenge is coming up with appropriate comment/verse to personalize it. I try to take pictures of all my quilts, tablerunners, etc. prior to giving them away to my family and friends but occasionally have forgotten. This program would greatly assist me in keeping proper records.

  22. You’re not the only one “sliding” in this area. I feel guilty when I look at the pile of unlabeled quilts. This looks like a super cool easy way to solve my problem. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  23. I have good intentions about printing labels on fabric, but usually end up writing something with a fabric marker. I am a last minute person who only finishes with a deadline, and when the gift has to be wrapped, the marker ends up being the solution. My deadline right now is a quilt show next weekend and NONE of my quilts are done – I have a lot of binding to sew down.

  24. I used to be very good at doing labels for my quilts. My first quilts all have embroidered labels hand sewn on to the back of the quilt. But now that I’m quilting 14 years I have gotten into very bad habits. The only quilts I label now are baby quilts. Most of my recent quilts don’t even have a label. I would really appreciate this software. Thank!

  25. Gosh, where do I start. I haven’t labeled my quilts, which I should. I only took pictures of them because keeping up with the rest of the stuff like fabrics, etc was too much work and no one place to keep it was impossible for me, so this quilt software will be a godsend for me. Thank you to Quilt Album for the free copy of this software, and thank you for offering it to your readers. I love your quilts and your style of quilting. It gives me hope for me.

  26. As always Wendy, I love your new ideas. This looks like a great program to add to my software collection. I have been VERY good about making labels for every quilt I have produced so far but it does take more time than I like. I keep a hand written journal with info on most every quilt and love the option of doing it electronically. This is definitely an application I want and I will tell my sister about it as well. Might be a nice Christmas gift for her.

  27. I have the best of intentions, I really do! Don’t we all? But I rarely label my quilts, most of which are given away, due to time constraints and perhaps in some cases simply lack of habit (because not everything HAS to go out the door NOW…but am hoping that sounds like a viable excuse). I’ve kept photos of quilts, swatches of fabric, intending to scrapbook them into a “portfolio” of sorts. This sounds like a great alternative, without the actual fabric scraps though. (We quilters are so tactile!) But the feature which allows one to print their own label is intriguing. Will definitely check this website out, thanks for the tip!

  28. I’ve tried many ways to label and record my quilts, but have found lots of challenges: running out of time, not remembering to put all the pertinent info on the label, forgetting to take pictures of the quilt, forgetting to record the pattern, etc. Quilt Album would help with all those challenges. Thank you for letting us know about this program.

  29. I would love to have a copy of Quilt Album. I don’t think I have labeled a single quilt I have made and I have made probably close to 100. Like you, the deadline is on top of me and I run out of time for that last little finishing detail.

  30. Anything that would make recording my quilt history easy would be great. Once the quilt is done its hard to go back and recreate the info; size, fabrics and techniques. So by using this software to create a quilt label it would make it easy to continue and make an album at the same time. Would love to give it a try.

  31. By the time I am finishing up the binding on a quilt, I am done and the thought of making a label deflates my joy. Most of the time I push on through and document the job. It would be nice to look forward to making a label for a change!

  32. What a touching story! I’m sooo glad everyone kept at it so that quilt could continue its mission of comfort! I’ve never even considered labelling a quilt. I made a quilt for the Downy campaign and they even sent a little label for me to fill out so they could post stories & I could track it…did I use it? Ha. No. When it came time to return the completed quilt, that itty bitty label was nowhere to be found. Months later, it turned up in a basket of fabric. I just finished up a fleece blanket & donated it to the local FD, but I didn’t label it, either. Don’t know why not.

    I have the first “real” quilt (not a panel) I’ve made still folded up, waiting the addition of borders, and with a little prodding (or helpful software), I’ll label it. :)

    Thanks for the eye-opener! We have hurricanes here all the time (well, we *used* to), so I guess I’d better label whatever I want to keep, huh!

  33. I, too, am a last-minute person. I keep a folder on my computer for each and every quilt I make that has photos of the quilt in progress, but doesn’t include written information and sizes. I’d love to have a program that would help me organize everything for each quilt, AND print a label as well.

  34. Wendy, I can relate – even though I don’t do NEAR as many quilts as you do! :)
    I used to only hand applique and hand quilt so making a quilt label for the few quilts I completed. But now that I’m piecing more and machine quilting – for me and for others – I find it very challenging to take the time to make labels and document my quilts! I would love a program like this that would make it easier for me.
    One of the other reasons I make fewer labels than I used to – I used to make one on the computer and print it onto muslin (ironed onto freezer paper). But that was when I had a jet ink printer. I can’t put the muslin through my laser printer, so it just got easy not to do it!

  35. For some reason, I get lazy when it comes to labeling my quilts. I usually just sign the back with a permanent fabric marker with my name, date and where I live. I think this software would be a valuable asset. Thanks for the chance.

  36. A tear came in my eye when they said that they were taking the quilt back to her in person, especiailly when I saw that it was on my birthday. I used to label all of my quilts as best as I could. I am disabled now but I still love to quilt and I don’t think I will ever quit. Having something like this would really help. My machine embroiders but the label always seems to end up being so large by the time I get everything I want to put on it. I do have pictures of most of the quilts I have made but I don’t know when they were made. Thank you for the opportunity to receive something so valuable

  37. First-I have never heard of the Quilt Album and that excited me to know end. That would sure solve my problem. I started out labeling the quilts and what number this was and for some reason I just haven’t stopped to take the time NOW to do that sort of thing so I don’t remember the date when I have finished some mini projects nor which number this one was –that sure makes me feel guilty for not doing what I should have been labeling. You did an excellent job on the embroiderings –I did mine on the fabric with computer and if I didn’t have the fabric/paper then I would just wait and that was part of my problem. Thank you for opening my eyes to your Quilt Album such a great tool.

  38. Hi, I am another person who almost never labels her quilts. Most of mine I have made for charity or for members of my family and the rest I keep myself and all of these people know who made the quilt or quilts for them. The charity ones I don’t think the recipients really care who made it. I always start with good intentions – to keep a journal of each quilt, make a label and do it all properly but then I get so involved with the making of them I more often than not working to a deadline – can’t be bothered or don’t have enough time.

    From a stressed out Linda in North Wales

    PS I love reading this blog!!

  39. I feel I’m still fairly new to quilting, but have made a few for family and some to sell. I have failed terribly at the labeling aspect. I also find it a challenge on how to label ones that I sell. I think for the ones for family I am in the same boat of finishing at the last minute. There are a few that I definately want to go back and label…my sister’s college graduation quilt, my son’s huge rainbow rag quilt, etc.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    blessed.mama4 at

  40. I’m guilty of never having labeled my quilts. In the last couple of months I’ve thought more seriously of doing so but keep putting it off. I’m not sure how large the label should be, what it should say and does one put it on before it’s quilted or after, fused or stitched on, with the same fabric as back or top? I’m definitely quilt labeled challenged but promise the top that is on the frame will be labeled.

  41. While I’ve labeled some of my quilts, I simply get lazy and then I’m rushed and don’t do it. A suggestion offered by a wonderful quilt teacher. Before applying a label, use an indelible pen and write, at the very least, your name and the year under the label. Sad, but true, some people who steal quilts, mark them as their own. I am excited about learning more about this wonderful new program.

  42. Funny you should ask… Just yesterday I was pulling photos of quilts I have made. For each piece, I have at least put the name of the person I am gifting, the occasion and date, my name and recently I have indicated the designer of the quilt. I never thought to number them. I’ve been meaning to document my quilts in an album and now that I have joined a group, they keep asking me for show/tell–I have none because I’ve given my quilts away! Putting this album together is my most challenging feat in quilting so far.

  43. I had never documented anything I made and knew I should but whateer I was making was done in the nick of time and was just lucky to make a photograph. I made a wall hanging for a friend for Hannakah and after the ooohs and aaahs and the season over, it was returned to me to put a label on it. It was a bit of a challenge since my sewing machine has only basic letters but I practiced and then made it and attached it to the back — and for the date I used the Jewish calendar. On the next one I did for them, I had it on when I gave it to them. They really appreciated knowing and having the ‘history’ of the wall hanging. Thanks.

  44. I have never put a label on my quilts. I am new to quilting; have completed 6 quilts. – None have labels. I have given a couple to family members who have mentioned me labeling them. I should label, but I am sooo darned pleased when I have completed a quilt that a label is not what I think about :) I HAVE to do better!!!

  45. I just don’t like the futzing involved in making a label~ and I did make a few when bubble jet came out and ran them thru the printer and did everything they said. Well, I wash my quilts and those beauties are now little blobs of color. :-/ So I figured all that fiddling was for nothing! I would love to have the software to not only make labels but make a diary and document my quilts~ I love being on the computer! LOL Thanks for the chance!

  46. I didn’t know that a programme like this existed what a great idea. I have made quite a few quilts over the years and have taken photos of ost of them but that has been all. Of course I have vaguely thought of documenting them but have never done anything about it. This programme looks ideal.

  47. I want to document my quilts, I make sketchy notes and then I lose them. I bought a beautiful book just to document my quilts – to put photos and notes in – it’s still empty! This software looks like just the ticket – and something I would actually use! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  48. As others have written, it’s remembering to get all the pieces in one place that’s the problem. So you need to take a photo, can’t find the camera–then find the camera, but the batteries are dead, so now it’s time to get more batteries, and then the phone rings….at least that’s how it happens over here :-)

  49. I do not have an embroidery machine, so making a quilt label can sometimes be a challenge. I have bought the little fabric labels and just write on them, but wonder if they will stay once they are tacked on the back. I have written right on the back of a quilt as well, but it sometimes does not look that great, and can possibly wash out. I try to remember to label each quilt that I have given away, but there are times when I too run out of time and energy. I’ve not heard about this soft ware. Thanks for sharing a great giveaway.

  50. My major challenge in creating labels is remembering to make them. I often will give a quilt as a gift and then realize I forgot to put on a label. Who wants to ask for them back to label them properly. But my future daughter-in-law did return a quilt to me to add a label. I often laugh about that one.

  51. How neat that someone came up with software for tracking ad journalliing quilts! I’ve been quilting since 1976 and didn’t keep track. I’ve labeled nearly all the quilts, but I don’t have much documentation of them. In the past year I started making a list, from memory, and after it topped 100 quilted items, I kinda let it slide. Sounds like this software would be just the ticket for pulling it all together. Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. I love the idea of software that will both document my quilts and allow labels to be printed. I am a little lax about documenting my quilts. I do have a photo on the computer, but would like to start keeping track of what quilting pattern, thread, batting etc. I use so I can reference that information. Thanks for the chance to win this software.

  53. My biggest challenge is finding the time to make a quilt, as I make a lot of other craft items. I would love to use it as my ‘wish list’, as I have a few ideas for when I get a chance. I’m happy if this doesn’t count as an entry, but I wanted to say thank you for making the opportunity open, and good luck to everyone. Happy crafting, Jenny

  54. I usually get pictures of my quilts to post on my blog. I did send off my granddaughters quilt undocumented. It had a beautiful label on it too. I don’t keep a record of the fabric that I used. I would like to be more organized so that all the quilts I send to friends and family will be documented and stored in a central location.

  55. I do forget info I wish later I could recall, like if I’ve used a pattern. I’ve only recently thot to put this on the label. Plus I’ve always got it in the back of my mind to organize a photo album & journal of my quilts. Thanks for this chance to win this software.

  56. I started quilting in 2006 and have journaled nearly every project I have completed. I use My Quilting Journal by Lynette Jensen (Thimbleberries) and am happy to say, “I have filled one journal up, and started another.” I keep a photo and swatches of each piece and make note of when I started and completed the project. (Yes, I have some with a start date….and no finish date….yet). But it’s the labeling I struggle with. I think its awesome the two “chores” can now be combined!

  57. I have made many quilts for family members over the years. I have been very lax about creating labels as the embroidery (by hand) takes so long to do and I do not like the idea of using fabric pens to write on fabric. I have tried to take pictures for the last couple of years, but with computer crashes and senioe moments, I have lost the photos of several of them.

    It would be so very nice to be able to record all the information on each quilt from here on out. I have read the info on this program and read several reviews and it sounds like a remarkable project for quilters.

  58. I like to label my quilts, but find I run out of room to put what I want on them, and my handwriting is chicken scratch, so the label turns out to be illegible. I would love to try out the new software. I am a geek at heart!

  59. I would like a copy of Quilt Album. I am a new quilter. Started making quilts for the Children’s Hospital. I didn’t know how to make labels so I bought a book of labels and copied them to fabric and sewed them on the quilt. I did not make a copy for me. I have some pics of quilts, but not all of them. I would like a Quilt Album program to keep all my quilts organized and to show to my new quilt group.

  60. I think my biggest challenge is how much information to put on a quilt label so the quilt label is not HUGE…thanks so much for the chance to win.

  61. I have labeled a few of my finished quilts, but I am more likely not to label. Not sure why, and I don’t document my quilts, I mentally run through the list, but I am sure that I am missing many quilts that I have made over the years, but really I’m more about the journey than the destination, but I quess I could have a map along the way. Thanks.

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  63. Hello,

    I’ve only recently started quilting. I do take pictures for memories for myself. But, do not record them any way. After a few months of reading varies blogs, I believe I should start. This would be a great way for me to organize them. Not to mention, all the various little quilting projects I make.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  64. I am haphazard about documenting my quilts. i try to take photos of all of them, but they sit in the camera. I try to make labels for all of them, but get hung up on names.. Some people are so cleaver when it comes to naming their quitls…mine end up being something like” 4th of July quilt”, Red blocks, etc. I would love to have the quilt album program, because I spend enough time on the computer, what’s a little more?
    Love you blog, I am learning so much for you. Thanks for your generosity with your talents!

  65. I struggle with the quilts I make for customers. I want to put all my information but the customer only wants made by. They don;t want where or any of the fun facts and info about it. It kind of makes me sad. I like to show them on my facebook and blog but sometimes customers say they don;t want me to share it. IT is like going to a party and wearing a mask the whole time.

  66. I don’t have an embroidery machine so I either have to have a friend in Chicago make the label for me and mail it or I have to hand write them. I hate the way the fabric pens write, and they don’t always last. If I have my friend make them, I never know long it will take to get them and what she is going to put on them that I didn’t request. I try to be as specific as possible, but sometimes she goes off on her own direction with things. I’d love to be able to print my own labels for my quilts so I know exactly what is going to be on them!

  67. My challenge would be to make the label look professional, as I don’t have an embroidery machine, I hand make my labels.I use the fabric pens and try to make a nice design either by tracing from a coloring page printed from the net, or use a left over block and writing on the solid portion of the block. At least I get to be creative.

  68. I am terrible about documenting quilts. I take so long to finish them – I do finish them, but I’ll get numerous projects going, have moved quite a bit, travel with my job quite a lot, and I lose track of when I started, the manufacturers of the fabrics, etc. At least with this, I could list everything up front and with my many starts and stops, I can keep track of the different periods when I’ve worked on quilts. Have the whole history in one place…I like that.

  69. The biggest challenge I face when I document my quilts is knowing the date that I started the quilt. It takes me a long time to finish a quilt from start to finish, and along with all the other projects that have been started along the way, I lose track of its progress. With the Quilt Album software, it would be very simple to enter that information at the start of the quilts construction, and along its progression. So when its time to make its label once it’s finished, I’ll have that information. But I’m not sure if I’d enjoy knowing just how many UFOs I have presently! ; )

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