Kittens in the Flowers: Final Sneak Peeks

Happy Monday, Friends!  After lots of sleep, I think I am finally feeling more like my old self.  In between headaches, I did manage to complete Kittens in the Flowers:

Some of you noted the “blue arcs” (aka water) coming down on the flowers.  I actually hand quilted the water with cotton embroidery floss to make the water appear more prominent.  Let me just say, I have LOTS of admiration for hand quilters.  My hand quilting friends out there, my hats off to you!!  Now as to the source of the water, that will have to remain a secret until the quilt is officially featured. :)

Speaking of “kittens”, curious mind wants to know if you have ever played with puzzles similar to the one shown below.  My husband promises me he hasn’t never seen anything like it growing up.   Growing up in SE Asia, I certainly did play with those block puzzles that make multiple pictures using the different sides of the blocks.  It took me a while to locate some for Miss Baby to add to her heirloom stash.

That’s all for now, Friends.  I have a few things to check off my to-do list before I head to bed.  Have a great week!  I look forward to hearing from you.

19 thoughts on “Kittens in the Flowers: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. I have a set of blocks all three of my GK’s have played with, all have loved their blocks! The quilt pictures are very pretty and can’t wait to see the full picture. C

  2. Love the quilt and the quilting! I don’t specifically remember having that sprt of puzzle as a child, but my own children have several – they’re easy to find in Australia.

  3. I can’t wait to see that! I love it! I’ve never quilted with cotton floss, Wendy, but I can imagine it wasn’t easy….if you do that again, try using a rubber finger cot from the office store to pull the needle through with.

    I do remember puzzles like that, but it was a very long time ago!

  4. I have played with blocks like this.I love your quilting. You always do it very exact and artistically.I am very excited about the whole secret of the Quilt and water.

    Do you quilt on a longarm or a normal sewing machine? I think longarm, Are I right?
    Greeting Guilitta

  5. Can’t wait to see the water source! :)

    We had one of those block puzzles at my Grandma’s house. I remember spending hours playing with it. It had village scenes, perhaps German or Dutch, so everytime you turned the blocks a new scene was created. Loved it! Hmmm…I wonder what happened to that puzzle! :)

    Happy Monday!

  6. Love this quilt. Never played withnthose blocks too cute. I a recovering from surgery that is why you have not heard from me. Typing with my left hand is challenging lol. Hug to you and Miss Baby

  7. I’ve seen similar blocks when I was younger and actually played with them. I have 5 younger brothers and you can imagine the animals they used to make haha. I’m wondering did you do the hand sewing first or after quilting the top? Good to hear your feeling better.

  8. I need to come up with yet another way to say how wonderful your quilting is! Once again, it looks awesome. And thanks for sharing Miss Baby’s blocks. That’s a super gift idea for one or all three of my infant grandsons!

  9. I love your quilt, and about the blocks, I know that there were some around in France when I was growing up. My daughters have played with some but I am not sure if they were new or old.

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